10 Tips You Need To Know Before You Buy A Bespoke Suit In Malaysia

Image Credits: Jason's Men Shop

There’s just a certain magic a quality, fitting suit brings. You look dapper, sure, but you also feel as if your posture is a little straighter, and you brim with more confidence. By contrast, and ill-fitting suit could either drown you in it, and make you look and feel very uncomfortable indeed. Sometimes, off-the-rack suits don’t cut it, and that’s when a bespoke suit takes centerstage. If you’re on the hunt to get your very own bespoke suit, here are 10 tips you need to know before getting it!

1) Choose A Good Tailor

And by that, there are a few things to look out for, namely how many years the tailor has been in business, and who they dress. Tailoring is all about experience, and a substantial history say about 30-50 years tells you that they are indeed experienced. Also take a look at their clientele: if they dress celebrities and/or VIPs, it shows that they are trusted, and are likely to have upmarket, branded fabrics, which make good quality suits. Last but not least, chemistry with the tailor is also of utmost importance. If you’re uncomfortable with the way you’re being handled at a tailor, it’s a sign that you should move on.
Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

2) Know Your Budget

It all depends on what you want, as bespoke suits are very different from ready-to-wear options. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to go for the ready-to-wear suits. The price for a suit of decent fabric and good workmanship starts from RM2,500 on average, and from there, it can cost a bit more depending on the type of fabric you choose.
Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

3) Patience Is Key

A good quality suit will usually take around three weeks to make, inclusive of fittings. There’s no rushing the process of making a bespoke suit, as it is all about the experience and excitement. Crafting a good bespoke suit takes a lot of effort and time, but the result will be well worth it, as the heart and soul put into the suit can be felt once the suit is finally ready to be worn!

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

4) Go For Classic/Simple Suits

For those who are new or in doubt of what to get, your first suit can be in a classic style, with a modern cut. Classic style is usually two buttons/two vents/Notch Lapel. It’s called “classic” for a reason, as it will never go out of style, and is suitable for any occasions or events. A modern cut favours the current trends. For example, the cut in trend now is usually more fitted.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

5) Know Your Body Type & Look For A Flattering Effect

A tailor will also be able to help with this, as they can advise appropriate cuts for you based on your body type, helping you look sharp no matter your body type or size. However, it might also be helpful for the tailor if you already know your body type, and what you would like accentuated, or “hidden”. You can mention these to your tailor, and figure out a suit cut that will flatter you based on your preferences.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

6) Ask & Discuss

This is of utmost importance, where you meet your tailor for the very first time. An experienced tailor will usually give recommendations, but it is also important for you to provide input as to how you want your suit to look like. Moving on, the style and fabric choice might be the two most important decisions you ever make in your life, as they will either make or break the suit. If you have any questions or doubts, make sure you do voice out, and ask your tailor for clarification. It’s also better if you already have an idea of what kind of suit you’re looking for, as that will make everything easier for both parties.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

7) What’s The Purpose?

There are many styles and cuts a suit could have, and each could be better suited for a certain occasion than others. As aforementioned, when in doubt, always go for a classic style with a modern cut, as that would be suitable for most occasions. However, if you have a specific, important occasion and would really like to stand out, do mention it to your tailor, and the tailor could recommend a style, cut, fabric choice, or other embellishments that will ensure that all eyes are on you in that suit!

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

8) Made To Measure vs. Bespoke

There’s a difference between made to measure and bespoke suits, so depending on what you want, the pricing might vary as well. To put it simply, a bespoke suit is one that crafted entirely from scratch, with limitless options on fabric choices, design, and customisations. Usually, the tailor/bespoke clothier meets with you personally so that he/she knows best when it comes to the fit. On the other hand, made to measure is halfway between ready-to-wear and bespoke, comprising of a list of options, small- to big-scale alterations/modifications, and less fittings compared to when one is making a bespoke suit.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

9) Stand Naturally (while getting measured)

When getting measure, it’s important to be as relaxed and as natural as possible. This will allow the tailor to take accurate notes about your posture, as every posture tells a different story for a tailor. Only then will the suit be crafted to fit your silhouette and tell your story as a person.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

10) Choose Suitable Fabric

Wearing a suit in Malaysia might sound like it isn’t the smartest choice, given its long sleeves and layers. Which is why choosing suitable fabric is important! Given our hot climate, tailors would usually recommend wool fabric from summer collections, as it will allow for maximum breathability, create pockets of cool air, and reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it.

Image Credit: Jason’s Men Shop

And there we have it: 10 tips you need to know before buying a bespoke suit in Malaysia! These tips are generously shared with us from Jason’s Men Shop, a tailor that crafts bespoke suits in KL. This family business has been around for over 50 years, and they certainly know their way around suit-crafting, making suits for celebrities, ministers, and other VIPs. In fact, you can also read about a personal experience getting a suit made at Jason’s Men Shop here! Psst, Jason’s Men Shop also provides door-to-door services, if you can’t wait to have your very own bespoke suit!