10 Ways To Excel As A Newbie Employee

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Graduated from university with flying colours, landed multiple interviews and finally selected a workplace to start your corporate journey to greatness! These are exciting times in the heads of many graduates. However, University and the Workplace can seem to be two different planets at times. So how exactly to be great at your workplace from Day 1? Below are some tips to help you excel as a newbie employee.

1) Punctuality

In university, you can come in to class late and not face major consequences. While most graduates take that habit to the workplace, you are different! Always be punctual to work, meetings, etc regardless if your colleagues are on time. This small difference will go a long way when your boss wants to promote or give out year-end bonus.

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2) Food

We all can never think on an empty stomach and everyone loves food! Your boss is no different either. If it’s a festive period or you just had an open house, do bring some food to the workplace and offer it around. Remember, the best way to win someone’s heart is the stomach!

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3) Be human rather than a robot

While most of us think we can just sit at our desk, face down and work away, we are actually missing out a lot. Be open, flexible and most importantly approachable. You don’t want to be putting on a bulldog face while working.

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4) Join team lunches and activities

If your team is going for lunch or if your boss had invited you, do not decline. Join! This is the time when you get to see your colleagues in a less serious mode and bond more. Get to know what they like, what they don’t like, talk about hobbies and have a few laughs while you are at it.

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5) Social Media

While most people will shy away from writing about their workplace or colleagues on social media, do the opposite. Write, Tweet, and hashtag away about your employer, your boss and the fun you are having. As long as it’s all positive. While you are at it, tag your employer in your tweets! After all, it may make your boss feel younger to be mentioned in a tweet!

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6) Team Meetings

As a newbie, we may think our role is just to sit down, listen, and don’t interrupt. If you do that, no one else in the room will know the abundance of ideas and inputs you have in your mind. Do participate and contribute in terms of giving inputs, opinions and ideas. People will take notice of this and may come to you as a thought-partner in future events.

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7) Organize/Volunteer for team building activities

If your employer wants people to help organize team building activities, do volunteer! It’s the best time to interact with people from other departments and get to know the entire company. You may even land yourself with new friends to have lunch with.


8) Treat your boss as a team mate

Most newbie employee is always one who shy away from a superior person. Don’t view your boss as a “boss”. Instead, view him/her as a team mate with a common goal to complete a task. This will make your relationship with your boss more friendly and ultimately, easier to work with.

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9) Check, check and check again

When submitting your work to your boss, do check, double check and triple check your work for minor errors such as spelling error, formatting and grammar. This small act will go a long way and your boss will know you are someone who is detailed in his/her work.


10) Smile. 

Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you have your best smile on at work. People like working with other people who make them feel good. And smiling surely helps. 🙂

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Good luck in your journey to greatness and in creating a legacy!