8 Matcha-Themed Dessert in KL & Selangor to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings

Mention “matcha”, and you’ll likely find heads whipping around in your direction, trying to find out what new matcha goodness is available. A popular food/beverage item, matcha is easily incorporated. You can drink it as a tea (it is tea leaves after all, ground into fine powder), enjoy it in cakes/tarts among other things, or even in ice cream. The possibilities are basically endless! Well, if you’re a matcha fanatic and on the hunt for more matcha food, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 8 matcha-themed dessert in KL & Selangor, so click in, and dig in!

1) BuTian Desserts

Translated from Mandarin, “bu tian” literally means “not sweet”, and it is part of their philosophy for dessert creations that are less sweet. Specialising in matcha confectioneries, you’ll find items like cakes, sandwich cookies, and tarts there. I ordered their Triple Matcha Cake and Japanese Tea Sandwich Cookie Box, which consists of sandwich cookies in matcha, genmaicha, and houjicha flavours. If I were to recommend, I’d say definitely get the cookie box. Not only do you get three different flavours, but it’s also something less common, and the filling is rich and generous. The Triple Matcha Cake on the other hand consists of three layers as its name suggests: the top layer is a light cream of sorts, the middle layer the same filling as the sandwich cookie, and the bottom layer the cake itself. Personally, I felt like the cake was too dense, but to each their own!

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2) @ohmatcha.my

Formerly known as themonster.bites, @ohmatcha.my provides all sorts of matcha desserts, ranging from matcha brownies, matcha butter pound cake, Hojicha brownies with matcha ganache, and matcha madeleines to name a few. Based in the Klang Valley, pre-orders are required to sample their treats, and you can WhatsApp or send them a DM to place your orders!


3) @_tinypockets

At @_tinypockets, you can make your dessert dreams come true. They bake a variety of artisanal bakes, tarts, and cakes, and going through their Instagram feed is enough to make us drool. They definitely have the *range*, but check out their matcha dessert. First in the tarts category, you can look forward to Premium Matcha, Matcha & Choco, and Premium Matcha Almond. If a tart isn’t your cup of tea, try their Matcha Cheese cake instead, which is made with white chocolate and Philadelphia cheese. Mmh.

4) Bakesmores

Interesting fact: The “smores” part of Bakesmores is derivative of the Mandarin phrase 什么  (shen me; though local slang has it pronounced se-mo more often), meaning “what”. The founders didn’t have a clear idea of what to bake when they first started, hence the question “what?”, but it did give them a good idea for the name, so there’s that. With tarts, cream puffs, and cakes, there’s a great variety to choose from. There’s the Matcha Red Bean or Matcha Lemon tart, or go for their Matcha Cream Puff instead!

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5) @macchaiki

@macchaiki is a Japanese Green Tea Dessert Cafe that uses only the best of quality from Kyoto, Japan, and they serve mains such as yakimono and teppanyaki in-store as well. But back to their desserts. Plenty of matcha options are available to drive all matcha fans into giddiness: mille crepe, cheesecake, tiramisu, mochi, Swiss roll, crepe roll, puffs… You name it, they have it, honestly. You can always check out their Facebook or Instagram to see their entire selection!


6) @match__it

They claim to be a “heavy matcha drinker”, so if you self-identify as such too, you’ll fit right in. A variety of matcha-themed beverages and desserts are available there, including lemon matcha slushies, a matcha KitKat drink, and matcha brownies just to name a few. But mostly they’re focused on their hot/iced matcha concoctions though, so don’t miss out on those. You can either drop by their store, or order their items on various food delivery platforms.

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7) @suubakes

@suubakes bakes desserts that are less sweet with premium ingredients. They specialise in cakes, and their cakes are simple with a touch of whimsy. Their Pure Matcha cake seems to be a hit in particular, though they also have Hojicha cakes. Check out @suubakes’ Instagram to view more of their cute, minimalistic cakes or to place an order!

8) @littlepeople__

@littlepeople__ wears many hats, or cooks much food. They’re actually a little coffee place, serving up mains and coffee alongside pastries baked in small batches. Moving along to their matcha offerings, there are charcoal matcha roulades, triple matcha burnt cheesecake, and matcha white chocolate tart, though you can also get houjicha burnt cheesecakes with black sesame and kinako. Drop by their store, or get the matcha goodness delivered to you!

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