Top 10 Demi-Fine Jewelry Brands in Malaysia

A piece of accessory, especially jewelry, can complete and complement your overall. Luxurious, high-end jewelry can be expensive, while affordable pieces may lack quality. Why not go for something in the middle with demi-fine jewelry, which combines the best of both worlds? If you’re looking for some of them, here are the Top 10 Demi-Fine Jewelry Brands in Malaysia!

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Browse through their timeless collections at the Puchong-based el-jo studio, where they specialise mainly in minimalist jewellery pieces designed for daily wear. They are also made to last for years using high-quality, rust-free materials including 925 silver and 316L stainless steel. Among their top picks include the gold/silver easy-to-twist Spiral Earrings, the versatile Petite Hoops and the classic snake-chain Sleek Necklace. | FB: | IG:


MYJN, an acronym named after its founders May and Jun, started their demi-fine jewellery label in 2018. The brand is notable for its minimalistic design, offering quality but affordable handcrafted jewellery pieces using only the best ethically sourced materials available. Their collections include everything from a sterling silver signet ring to an elegant freshwater pearl choker and a pair of unique macaroni-shaped, 316L stainless steel-and-gold hoop earrings. To maintain its exclusivity, all of MYJN’s jewellery is only sold in limited quantities. | FB: MYJN | IG: @myjn_official

3) Feithe

Feithe combines individuality and modern luxury with its wide range of jewellery collections. Here, every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with love and passion and also made suitable for everyday wear. Some of their collections include the Self Love line, namely the minimalist rose-and-strawberry quartz-studded Mabel bracelet and 14k gold-filled stainless steel Hatta Necklace. You can also take a look at their beautiful charm collection made from different stones such as amethyst, citrine and nephrite jade, just to name a few. Finally, for those who prefer something timeless, check out their Classique series ranging from the snake-like Aria bracelet to a pair of trumpet-inspired Leyr earrings, complete with genuine gemstones. | FB: Feithe | IG:

4) Plenty

Operating since 2017, Plenty is committed to making modern-looking handcrafted jewellery that every woman can own at affordable prices. You will find their designs are practical yet fashionable enough for everyday wear and even for special occasions. Among their bestsellers are the 18k gold-plated Bianca Moon & Star Necklace and the Amy Chain Bracelet. Plenty has recently adopted the sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging system, where they ditched their previous single-use plastic to achieve zero waste goal. | FB: Plenty Collection | IG: @plentymy

5) Psyndrome

Express yourself with Psyndrome’s contemporary demi-jewellery collection, where you can proudly wear them in style. And all without paying a hefty sum, of course. Their jewellery is made to last using mostly durable 925 sterling silver and/or gold plated. Some of the collections available include the Ola Gold Huggies Earrings and the Aegis Personalised Pearl Necklace, complete with diamond-studded alphabets. | FB: | IG:

6) Minimalist Lab

Minimalist Lab, which has two outlets in Pavilion KL and Mid Valley Megamall, offers a collection of timeless jewellery pieces mostly made from 925 sterling silver. Not only the material is highly durable but also happens to be hypoallergenic, making it gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin. Interestingly enough, you can choose your preferred jewellery piece based on Minimalist Lab’s five characteristic moments ranging from Affection to Celebratory, Courage, Minimalist and Wonder. | FB: Minimalist Lab | IG: @minimalist_lab

7) Gung

Founder of Gung, Yinn Ooi doesn’t take shortcuts when comes to handcrafting every jewellery piece right from the scratch. She is also involved in every other process too, ranging from initiating ideas to sketching & designing as well as picking the right materials and oversee the entire production. Here, at Gung, the jewellery collection includes everything from elegant to bold, statement pieces made from high-quality, yet skin-friendly materials such as stainless steel and brass. | FB: Gung| IG: @gungjewellery

8) Wanderlust + Co

Jenn Low, the co-founder behind Wanderlust + Co, has been in the local jewellery business for over a decade. The brand also includes a demi-fine jewellery line, where the collection is all handcrafted using high-quality, yet ethically sourced materials like sterling silver, 14k gold vermeil and semi-precious stones, namely opal and white topaz. Perfect for everyday wear, Wanderlust + Co’s demi-fine jewellery collection houses everything from the luxurious 14k gold vermeil bracelet to a pair of gold vermeil earrings studded with pear topaz and a customisable sterling silver letter necklace with a classic box chain. | FB: Wanderlust + Co | IG: @wanderlustandco

9) Luccacal

Lau Hui Yin, the founder behind the Kedah-based Luccacal, combines contemporary minimalism and luxury for her demi-fine jewellery line. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted and also made suitable for everyday wear. Not to mention the jewellery is both waterproof and tarnish-resistant, where you don’t have to worry about wearing it even when you are exercising or engaged in a swimming activity. Some of their bestselling items including the Rose Slider Bracelet, the 18k gold-plated cubic zirconia Kiera hammered ring and the cute-looking, gold-plated Origami Lion Necklace. | FB: Luccacal | IG: @luccacal

10) Poppylab

Inspired by all things island, Poppylab’s range of jewellery and accessories include the likes of beach-inspired earrings made from stainless steel & rose quartz and the boho-style, aquamarine-studded chain bracelet. Prices are reasonable and every jewellery piece is specially made by hand. And since its establishment in 2014, Poppylab has been featured in various magazines and even attracted local celebrities like Elfira Loy, Elizabeth Tan and Sazzy Falak. | FB: poppylab | IG: @poppylab

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