10 Things You Can Do With Banana Peels

When you grab a banana, you would normally eat the flesh and toss the peel straight into the bin. But did you know that this poor yellow banana peel actually has its own advantages? So, the next time you are thinking of throwing the banana peel, here is what you can actually do with it instead.

1) Tenderise Your Meat

Nobody likes a roast or a steak that ends up too dry. You can avoid that by simply adding a ripe banana peel to the roasting pan. This is to ensure your meat stays moist and tender during the cooking process.

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2) Helps To Shine Your Shoes

Running out of shoe polish? Your next best alternative is to simply use a banana peel and rub it on your shoes in a circular motion. This is because banana naturally contains potassium — a vital ingredient typically found in shoe polish products. Once you are done, buff them with a white cloth or a paper towel and they are as good as new!

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3) Relieve Itchy Skin

When your skin itches, the first natural reaction is probably to scratch with your fingers. It may provide temporary relief but in reality, it actually does more harm than good. Use a banana peel in case you do not have an anti-itch cream. Simply rub it on the affected area to relieve the itch.

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4) Relieve Headaches Or Migraines

If you experience a headache or a migraine, there are a few ways to relieve it like taking an over-the-counter pain reliever or apply a balm. But did you know that banana peel also helps to relieve headaches or migraines? All you have to do is take a banana peel and place it in the freezer for an hour. Next, lie down on a comfy couch or bed and put the cold banana peel on your forehead and let it sit until your headache or a migraine goes away. It may not work for everybody but then again, what’s the harm of trying it anyway?

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5) Helps You To Sleep

Having trouble sleeping or even suffering from minor insomnia? Instead of counting sheep or popping a sleeping pill, try this home remedy by drinking a cup of hot banana tea. To prepare the tea, simply boil one banana in a small pot of water for around 10 minutes. Pour the infused water through the colander or a sieve placed on top of a cup or a mug. You can sprinkle your banana tea with cinnamon powder for an added sweetness and sip one hour before bed.

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6) Whiten Your Teeth

Not everybody can afford to get their teeth whitened by going to the dentist. You can also use a teeth whitener but if you fear that those potentially harmful chemicals might do you more harm than good, here’s a safer and cheaper alternative: use a banana peel. This is because it contains key ingredients like manganese and magnesium, which is said to help whiten the enamel of your teeth. Just rub the soft inside of the banana peel gently on your teeth. Repeat it once a day for two weeks.

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7) Protect Your Plants

Feeling dread over those annoying aphids (plant-sucking insects) that won’t leave your precious plants alone? Just bury some of the sliced banana peels in your soil. They will help to deter the aphids since these pesky insects despise the smell of the banana.

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8) Use Them As A Fertiliser

Believe it or not, adding banana peels to your soil does benefit the growth of your plants. Besides, banana peels are rich with minerals and nutrients such as calcium, potassium and sulfur — all vital to promote healthy plants in a long run. All you need to do is cut the banana peels into tiny pieces and bury them under the plant.

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9) Helps To Polish Your Silverware

Did you know that a banana peel can shine your silverware like rings, bracelets or kitchen utensils? You can do so by blending a banana peel with water to form a paste. Next, rub the paste onto your silverware with a soft cloth. Rinse your silverware and remember to let it completely dry to avoid potential moldiness.

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10) Remove Splinters

Got a splinter that is stuck on your skin? Not to worry, though. Simply apply a ripe banana peel to the affected area and secure it with a piece of surgical tape. Make sure it is the pulp side of the banana peel that is against the affected skin. Leave it for at least 15 minutes. Remove the taped banana peel and you will find that the splinter can be easily pulled out of your skin by using a pair of tweezers. How is it possible? Apparently, the banana peel is rich in enzymes that have a “drawing action” to help pull the splinter to the surface of the affected skin.

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