Focus Foods: Superfoods Brought to You Hyper-Conveniently!

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By now, you’ve heard it enough times to truly understand the impact: “health is wealth”. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. But why do we still find it difficult to make decisions that contribute to our health sometimes? The answer lies within “convenience”, for sometimes it can be inconvenient to “live healthy”. Well, luckily, Focus Foods has thought of that issue, and has found a way to make healthy living more convenient by rolling out a range of hyper-convenient superfoods!

About Focus Foods

Focus Foods is a line of hyper-convenient superfoods, designed for high-performing, busy individuals who want to stay mentally sharp and physically fit. How convenient are they? You can consume them on the go, whenever and wherever. The founder, Ben, understands that it can be tough to get nutritionally balanced meals, therefore he decided to launch Focus Foods, which is basically nutrition in a bottle or packet. With Focus Foods, busy people who often skip meals can grab one of their products on the go. Besides that, Ben personally would rather not have a meal when he’s deep in concentration lest it disrupts his flow, so Focus Foods is a great solution!

Image Credit: Focus Foods

Focusing On Convenience

Recently set-up in early July, Focus Foods’ mission is to live a healthy life in a convenient manner. Ben believes that everyone has the choice to make healthier decisions in life, but they usually opt for the convenient ones instead. So, the only way to impact people and have them lead healthier lifestyles is to offer them convenient options without cutting corners. Currently, there are no other products in Malaysia as yet, but Focus Foods is seen in several local startups and is gaining traction with people. Also, Focus Foods isn’t about selling products, but rather empowering people with tools for a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Image Credit: Focus Foods

Focus Foods’ Products

Liquid Meal

Liquid Meal is a meal replacement product of sorts, which can either be a meal replacement or a snack. It is loaded with over 20 types of grains, smart fats (medium-chain triglycerides, flaxseed), vegetarian protein and prebiotics among other ingredients. Therefore, it is probably more nutritious and balanced than most traditional meals! Since this comes in a bottle, all you need to do is add water and it’s ready to serve!

Focus Fuel

Focus Fuel is a 100% yerba mate extract, which is a South American tea that has been around for centuries. It contains the best of both the tea and coffee worlds: the caffeine of coffee and the goodness of tea. Overall, it helps boost focus, immunity and general health. As it is in powder form, you can dissolve it in a bottle and drink it throughout the day.

The Perfect Snack

Need we say more? Your daily ration of nuts contains no sugar & salt, helps combat hunger and is good for your brain! Perfect for snacking anytime!

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Healthy Living For Everyone

Ben knows that most people have very ingrained habits especially when it comes to eating, so it will be difficult to change their eating habits. However, he hopes to sustainably change people’s habits all over the world in the next five years. Focus Foods has plenty of products and programs lined up, but they’re fine-tuning them to make sure they will fit their overall mission.

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