Malaysia’s Top 10 Female Fashionistas

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Fashion refers to prevailing styles that are currently popular and it goes beyond clothing, encompassing footwear, accessories, hairstyle and more. While fashion has always been on fast changing trends, here are 10 Malaysian Female Fashionistas you should follow to keep yourself up to date with the latest styles. They are the trendsetters in fashion who closely follow the current trends, and know how to create and inspire with their own styles.

1) Chloe Leong


Describing herself as a fashion lover, Chloe Leong is owning the fashion scene and she has been doing it from a young age. At the age of 19, she took up styling and photography as her interest. Besides promoting her own products on Instagram, she also introduces her followers to many other great beauty products. Photogenic and gracefully fashionable, Chloe Leong is a great source of fashion inspiration and ideas.

IG: @chloeleongg_

2) Christinna Kuan



Producing an amazing fashion feed taken with sophisticated photo skills, browsing Christinna’s Instagram makes you feel like you’re flipping through a fashion magazine. An Instagram sensation based in Penang, what makes Christinna even more impressive is that at such a young age, she already knows how to nail every occasion with her great sense of fashion. | IG: @ms_kuan

3) Ashley Lau



Calm and poised, Ashely Lau is a fashionista who is best known for her edgy twist on conventional dressing. Very much a fan of Korean and Japanese pop culture, of which Ashley draws huge inspiration from, her fashion style displays a sense of youthful confidence that is basic yet unique. Besides having a passion for fashion, Ashley is also an art student and a blogger who blogs about travel, food and coffee. | FB: AshOhTonic | IG: @ash_lsl

4) Yen



Yen never fails to express herself through fashion. Her love for fashion and ownership of a boutique called Mood & Closet are some of the reasons you should follow her to keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion trends. Besides using Instagram as the window to her world, Yen created a blog called Diva-In-Me to share her interest and love for fashion. From casual styles to elegance, Yen has it all in her big closet and for that, she is surely one fashionista who will inspire you. | FB: stilettoesdiva | IG: @stilettoesdiva

5) Nicole Cheah



Whatever Nicole does, she does with chicness. Her Instagram is solid proof of that and a showcase of how she makes fashion look so simple without putting on a lot of colours. Thanks to Nicole’s know-how in striking a pose and skill in capturing photos at the right angles, her Instagram is filled with beautiful pictures of her stylish and modish outfits. Nicole also pays attention to showcasing accessories, bags, and shoes. | IG: @ncavien

6) Nanabwincess



NaNa, or better known as BwincessNana, is a girl from Sibu.  She calls herself a fashion addict, fashion slave, and fashion influencer. Fashion has inspired her to dress up and allowed her to carry her own individual style. Showcased in her Instagram and blog, Nana likes to mix and match. She loves playing around with her accessories and clothes to portray different moods and personalities. High street styles and designer labels can always be found in her wardrobe. Her biggest dream is to excel in the fashion industry. | FB: nanabwincess | IG: @nanabwincess

7) Shivani



Shivani is a fashion, beauty and styling enthusiast. She believes in “less is more”, simplicity, and elegance. Occasionally, she will also share some of her creatively inspired designs on her blog and social media where she experiments with new looks. Apart from fashion trends, she also shares beauty, cosmetics and travel tips on her blog, “Pen My Blog”. | FB: PenMyBlog | IG: @penmyblog

8) Cherrie Liong



Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, this city girl stands out in the local fashion scene for her unconventional preference to monotonous, architectural yet sophisticated outfits. Judging from the photos she shares on Instagram, we guarantee that you will never get bored of her fashion styles. Together with her twin sister, Evangeline Yan, they run a blog to showcase their strong passion for fashion, beauty, love and art. | FB: duogigs | IG: @cherriemun

9) Tess



This Penangite is extremely generous in sharing her outfits on social media. Tess is one of the rare street style icons we truly love. We like the grungy aura of her style and the commitment she puts into her outfits. Style-wise, she knows what works for her and she pulls it off admirably. | FB: stylestory.tess | IG: @tesslively

10) Stephanie Lim



Stephanie Lim, the winner of Miss Photogenic during Miss World Malaysia 2012, loves fashion and lifestyle. She often shares her great outfits and other interesting photos on her blog as well as her social media platforms. Her outfits tend to be more feminine and stylish, and at times, more casual. She started blogging since high school and was the winner of the Female Magazine Blogger Awards in 2014 and the GUESS? Jeans Blogger Awards in 2014. | FB: stephiielim2 | IG: @stephiielim

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