10 Educational Websites For Kids To Learn At Home

Just when you thought the MCO would only last two weeks, it got extended by another two weeks. So whichever day we’re at of the MCO now, there are times where you, and even your kids, run out of things to do. Alright, maybe the kids are having a grand time, but a month off from school isn’t going to help when they return. In case you need some learning resources for your kids to learn at home, here are 10 educational websites! Some of them are even useful long-term, so now’s the best time to check them out!

Note: These websites are perhaps catered towards Western countries and some may require subscription for full access, but they are helpful all the same with minor tweaks on subjects or word usage. We weren’t able to locate enough local websites to make a list, but would love to know if you have some! Most also have a current “free” time period for all to access in light of the Covid-19 situation.

1) National Geographic Kids

Recommended age range: 7-13

Not so much a comprehensive learning tool, but informative and attractive all the same! Kids who are curious and have an interest in animals, nature, science and geography would likely fit right in. There are videos, games, experiments and kid-friendly articles to discover, as well as plenty of stimulating visuals.

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2) BrainPOP

Recommended age range: 9 and above

BrainPOP covers a wide range of subjects including Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health and Engineering & Technology. In fact, what sets it apart from other sites is that it has a heavy focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Some of the things kids can look forward to include coding and making their own movies. Every day, there’s also a “Today’s BrainPOP Topic” that is changed, so kids can discover their “something new” daily. For kids younger than 9, try BrainPOP Jr. instead!

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3) Coolmath.com

Recommended age range: 13 and above

Developed by a former math teacher, Coolmath.com is the place to go to hone your math skills. This site is for higher-level students, and covers topics such as pre-algebra, algebra and calculus. Topics are listed clearly, and since it is a specialised math site, its mathematical content is pretty comprehensive. They also have sister sites catered for kids as young as pre-school till the age of 12, and you can locate them via this site.

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4) Starfall

Recommended age range: 5-9

Our search revealed that Starfall is one of the most trusted and used educational sites in the USA, which centres on English and Maths. Well, mostly English, as this is a site that teaches children how to read and to become better readers. It “teaches” using interactive games, mostly, but they also have other resources such as folk songs and short stories. In operations since 2002, Starfall is still going strong today.

Image Credit: more.starfall.com

5) Help My Kid Learn

Recommended age range: 0-12

If you’re thinking what can a kid who hasn’t even turned one do, you’d be surprised. But actually, it’s not so much what the kids do on this website. This site is actually an educational resource for parents, where they can select activities for their kids to do, or to do together. Unsurprisingly, lots of activities for the age range of 0-2 is about bonding and routines, and on the site the other ages are categorised accordingly.

Image Credit: 5teachinglearningtools.wordpress.com

6) TIME For Kids

Recommended age range: 5-12

TIME for Kids is just like TIME, but for kids. In other words, they present journalist-style kid-friendly articles, which is concise and informative. There are also photos and videos to view. It’s not so interactive, but definitely informative and will pique children’s curiosity. Besides that, they also have PDF printable worksheets, which is mostly about reading material given and answering questions. Currently, weekly teaching materials till end of the school year for 2020 are available for free.

Image Credit: time.com

7) Wonderopolis

Recommended age range: 6 and above

Sometimes things just cross our minds, but we never really did anything to discover the answers to our questions. Well, at Wonderopolis, you could probably get all your questions answered! This site is about “daily wonders”, coupled with easy-to-read stories and videos. Best of all, these are real questions asked by real kids, and you or your kid could also submit your very own “wonder” if you like!

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8) ABCmouse.com

Recommended age range: 2-8

ABCmouse.com is also a widely acclaimed, full online curriculum for early learners aged 2-8. It’s completely child-safe, as it has no ads (even pop-ups) or links which may lead children astray. It has 10 progressive levels with more than 850 lessons and 9,000 individual learning activities. These activities include animations, games, books, songs, puzzles, art and printables. However, this website is subscription-based, with a limited-time free trial, so you can try before deciding.

Image Credit: verywellfamily.com

9) Funbrain

Recommended age range: 5-14

Funbrain has five main zones: games, reading, videos, playground and math zone. It is labelled by grades for easy navigation, and looks more like a game website at first, but is educational at the same time. Completely free, Funbrain helps kids improve their reading, literacy, math and problem-solving skills through its games, e-books and videos.

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10) Scholastic

Recommended age range: 5-15

Scholastic features learning resources using their own magazine issues of the same name, and is best when subscribed to. However, if that’s not for you, they also have a “Learn At Home” section where there are day-by-day projects for kids to work on. Scholastic focuses on discovery, reading and thinking mostly, and worksheets encourage critical thinking. For teachers or families, they also have resources available.

Image Credit: mediaroom.scholastic.com