7 Places To Get Beautiful Platters For Your Next Birthday Party

Bored of the usual potluck or pizza party? Spending hours in the kitchen cooking for a group of people can be tiring and by the time you’re done in the kitchen, you may even be too tired to socialize.

If you’re thinking of having something different for your next party or gathering, platters and grazing tables are what you need! Platters have become a trend in Malaysia and if you have not given it a try, it’s high time you should! In this article, we have picked 7 beautiful grazing platters in Malaysia for you to check out!

1) Splatter

If you’er thinking of having a cheese platter or a fruit platter whether it’s for breakfast or tea time, Splatter got you covered! Even if you’re planning for a date night, these platters are perfect for you to share with your loved one. They have three sizes available from minis to jumbo, so you don’t have to worry if you just want to treat yourself!

Image Credit: Splatter’s Instagram Page


2) Platter It

Whether you want delicious and stunning looking platters or a beautiful grazing table for a party, leave it all to Platter It. They offer unique platters with premium ingredients, not just your average cheese platters! If you love something spicy and savoury or looking to satisfy your Mexican cravings, a Mexican platter is the way to go. Yes, they have that too! With amazing reviews from their customers, you’d want to try it out too!

Image Credit: Platter It’s Instagram Page


3) Keju By Carmen

Can’t decide between a cheese, chocolate or fruit platter? Keju By Carmen has platters that have a wide range of food all served in one beautiful platter. From artisan cheese to fresh premium fruits and crackers, you’d be spoiled for choice! Apart from that, they offer sizes of platters from small to XL as well as customized platters.

Image Credit: Keju by Carmen’s Instagram Page


4) Platter People

If you’re looking for vegan or meatless platters, look no further! Platter People has it all and that also includes chocolate platters. Thinking of sending a loved one something to cheer them up? We recommend sending over a Chocolate Platter! Or you could even have a girls’ night at your place and indulge in the same.

Image Credit: Platter People’s Instagram Page


5) Platters KL

Are you on a keto diet but have been wanting to treat yourself? Platters KL has something just for you! Their Small Keto Platter is available almost on all weekends and selected weekdays. This includes 3 different types of cold cuts, 4 types of cheeses and 3 types of fruits among other things. Other than that, they also have their Signature Platter which is available in 3 sizes. Just drop them a WhatsApp message to place your orders!

Image Credit: Platter KL’s Instagram Page


6) Cheese Platter KL

Cheese Platter KL offers halal and bespoke platters that can be delivered right to your doorstep. Their platters come in different sizes that can feed up to 15 people. Besides, their platters are also customisable according to your requirements and available in vegetarian as well as fruits options. Slide into their DMs to place an order!

Image Credit: Cheese Platter KL’s Instagram Page


7) For The Grater Gouda

Offering bespoke artisanal cheese platters, grazing boards and cheese towers, For The Grater Gouda is usually at their happiest when they’re being asked to curate bespoke platters. Whether you’re a meat-lover or a vegetarian, there’s no wrong when it comes to platters! Apart from that, their platters are also beautifully made with added organic edible flowers.

Image Credit: For The Greater Gouda’s Instagram Page