7 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women. Never.

Image Credit: ctvnews.ca

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Like how there are things women will never understand about men, how women operate remain a mystery to most men. Here are 7 things men will never understand about women.

1) When women say they don’t have anything to wear

But, look at your closets.

2) Women’s obsession with shoes & bags

Why do you need so many of them?

3) Those energy for shopping

Where does all the energy for shopping come from?

Understand About Women

4) That Multi-Tasking skill

Women could read this with their eyes, feed with one arm, surf on smart phone with the other, whilst whistling a tune. Easily. How the hell do you do that?

Understand About Women

5) The memory for little things

How do you even remember the things I said to you during our first date?

Understand About Women

6) The difficulty of deciding what to eat

Is it that hard?

Understand About Women

7) Your definition of fat

Seriously, how do you define fat?

Understand About Women

What other things men will never understand about women? Share with us.