8 Reasons You Should Skip Wearing Flip-Flops If Possible

Flip-flops are typically cheap, convenient and easy to wear too. All you have to do is slip your feet between the thin straps that are connected to the base and you are ready to go. They are also lightweight and often available in different colours ranging from muted to striking tones. However, if you care about your feet, wearing flip-flops on a regular basis or for long hours might lead to all kinds of foot pain. That being said, here are the 8 Reasons You Should Skip Wearing Flip-Flops If Possible.

1) Your Toe Extends Over The Next One

Ever experienced a sudden, painful sensation where your toe intersects above or over the next toe? It can occur when you drag your feet in a pair of flip-flops for long hours, causing your toes to go haywire. This is particularly evident if your flip-flops lack proper support. While non-severe overlapping toes can be corrected by inserting a toe separator or straightener (you can find those in Daiso stores), try to wear flip-flops sparingly if you are prone to such toe conditions.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #1: Your Toe Extends Over The Next One
Image Credit: health.clevelandclinic.org

2) They Can Cause Plantar Fasciitis

The problem with most flip-flops has to do with their flat design and insufficient support, which only stresses your feet further. Over time, it can cause inflammation on your plantar fascia ligament that connects from the heel bone to the toes. This is where the plantar fasciitis happens. The kind of throbbing pain whenever you are walking, climbing stairs or even just standing.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #2: They Can Cause Plantar Fasciitis
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3) You Might Sprain Your Ankle

Thinking of wearing those convenient, easy-to-slip-on flip-flops all day long? Well, you might want to reconsider that. Since they are devoid of any arch support, don’t be surprised to find yourself spraining your ankle.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #3: You Might Sprain Your Ankle
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4) They Can Be Easily Penetrable

The likes of rusty nails and broken piece of glasses on the ground are among the dangerous objects waiting to find its “victim”. And that “victim” in question happens to be your vulnerable, unprotected foot. And if you happen to wear (an especially) low-quality pair of flip-flops, one of these objects can end up poking through the rubber material and injure your foot. This is especially true when you are not aware of your surroundings. Such a painful accident can also happen if your flip-flops begin to wear out over time, making these dangerous objects even easier to poke through.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #4: They Can Be Easily Penetrable
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5) Accidents Can Happen

More specifically, a car accident. Some might think it’s okay to drive in flip-flops. But wearing them can actually pose a high risk. No matter how good you are behind the wheels, it’s hard to predict when flip-flops might slip off your foot. Certain worst-case scenarios might occur as well, namely getting your flip-flops trapped under the gas pedal.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #5: Accident Can Happen
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6) You Might Get Blisters

Shoes aren’t the only footwear that can cause blisters due to tight or poor fitting. The same also goes for those who wear flip-flops, particularly the thin piece of straps (thong) that hold your feet in place. They can cause friction as you move your feet, which in turn, lead to a skin irritation between your toes (the big toe and the second ones). When some of these straps regardless of rubber or fabric material rub against the skin, you might end up getting blisters.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #6: You Might Get Blisters
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7) You Might Stub Your Toes

Sure, there’s no crime against those who wear flip-flops in public. But imagine you are in a crowded place, say inside a train packed like a can of sardines during peak hours. And you happen to wear flip-flops at the time. Chances of your bare, naked toes getting stubbed accidentally might happen, leading to pain and possible bruises.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #7: You Might Stub Your Toes
Image Credit: healthline.com

8) They May Affect Your Posture

Here’s the thing about flip-flops: They don’t bend like your feet do. That means you are risking your joints as well as affecting your overall body’s alignment. Given the fact that flip-flops have none of the necessary arch and heel supports, you are also basically putting the likes of your hips and knees at risk in the long run.

Reason To Skip Flip-Flops #8: They May Affect Your Posture
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