Turn Your Love Story Into A Short Film with Aplind Yew Production

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According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus separated them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. In the current world population of more than 7 billion, I believe it takes more than fate for two souls to find each other. This fact alone should give us every reason to celebrate and document each couple’s love story. You really can’t put your relationship journey into words, but Aplind Yew Production will turn it into a love story.

About Aplind Yew Production

Aplind Yew Production are a team of Malaysian videographers who are creative, romantic, passionate and professional. The beauty of short film and passion in videography drives the team into the videographing profession. They provide wedding actual day cinematography film, pre-wedding, love stories, wedding proposal film and also photography. Their primary focus is for couples to present their love story as a romantic short film instead of a documentary film.

Image credit: Aplind Yew

Creating Your Everlasting Love Story

Each couple’s love story is truly unique and special. Making the decision to spend the rest of your lives together is a huge commitment and the video should be able to perfectly feature your love story in it. While most videos recorded during weddings are merely retelling of the day, the chemistry between the couple is rarely captured. Aplind Yew Production films with a new perspective and add in the element of romance to present the loving relationship of the couples.

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The Mastermind of Aplind Yew Production

Aplind Yew is the founder of Aplind Yew Production who first started of as a photographer in the year 2008. Back then, wedding videography is still not well known. He had a strong foundation in photography and started to become a videographer ever since he discovered that videos can capture the moment better than photos. He met his partner Edward Tang in 2011 and they clicked because both of them are passionate in filming. Furthermore, they also share the same mindset which is quality over quantity.

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Aplind Yew Making It Look Easy

No matter how much a female tries to deny, every girl has secretly planned her own wedding in her mind. Whether it is the wedding ceremony at a beautiful white chapel, or at a soft sand beach. There’s plenty of room for imagination but when it comes to execution, they are often being constrained by various limitations such as time, the availability of the venue etc. Therefore, Aplind Yew Production team will make detailed planning before the photography session to minimize unforeseen circumstances. The most challenging part often is the weather as it is something they have no control over. However, they will endeavour to give you the best.

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Never Look Back In Regret

Each wedding ceremony is once in a lifetime event and every attempt should be made to remind each couple of the obstacles endured together. Aplind Yew Production takes pride in their work and know they have done it right when the newly wedded couple shed a tear upon watching their film. Up to eighty percent of their customers recommend Aplind Yew to their friends and families and they think this is the bigger achievement and reward than any other. They aim to continue featuring more love stories and hope that they continue to touch and reach out to more through their passion of capturing love.

Image credit: Aplind Yew

“We do not try to fit your wedding into a box. we let your wedding be what it is, in all of its natural beauty and natural moments. We are simply there to capture you. Save the blowing kisses, smiling and waving at the camera for the home videos of your children. We film in a cinematic style so that in the editing room, we can make your love story into a Short Film.”


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