These 3 Gorgeous Ladies Make Distinctive Homemade Jewelry and Textile Work

Image Credit: W.I.M

Many people have the misconception that jewelry are only a form of accessory. However, that idea cannot be further from the truth as their true potential are so much more – A powerful statement and a reflection of one’s personality. Instead of succumbing to society pressure to own a Pandora bracelet or Swarovski necklace, why not give handmade jewellery a chance?

W.I.M jewelry pieces are hand crafted with love and personal care. No two pieces are exactly the same and with each there is unique personality in their hidden imperfections, quietly confident and with a sweet delicate nature. Just like their owners.

Image Credit: W.I.M
Image Credit: W.I.M

W.I.M. – What I Made

W.I.M – What I Made, are designers of home made jewellery and textile work (i.e. cushions). The team is Geraldine Chiu, Huong Tran and Masoumeh Myr.

They are self made artisans – three friends from different corners of the world, brought together by a love of simple classic beauty, travel and kinship. With a combined goal to treasure and unite independent strong women in friendship and self discovery, W.I.M was born.

They do custom orders for both jewellery and cushions. The fabrics for their cushions are carefully selected for its aesthetics and durability. They believe their thoughtfully designed cushions will add a special cozy touch to ones home.

Image Credit: W.I.M
Image Credit: W.I.M

The Dawning of W.I.M.

Geraldine used to live in Holland, and a Dutch friend was wearing some cute bracelet stackers, one of which had her name on it. Her friend told Geraldine that it is becoming quite popular to give them as gifts, particularly for new mums where the word on the bracelet is personalised to be their new babies name.

Afterwards Geraldine tried to find something similar for her sister as she has two daughters. She searched online and couldn’t find anything quite as nice and then she realised that it can’t be that difficult to make herself! She kept thinking that she haven’t seen these sort of bracelet stackers in Malaysia or even Australia, the thought for some reason never left her mind and it grew from there!

“The opportunity really came from a moment in my life where I was in limbo and seeking purpose and direction. I had just moved to Malaysia as a ‘travelling spouse’ and with that it brought about a daily challenge to keep inspired and occupied. So I was constantly searching for new hobbies and ways to meet people as well as keep busy. On a whim I followed up on the bracelet design- watched some You Tube ‘how to’ videos and one evening in Melbourne with my sister on the living room floor from 11pm-2am I started on my first designs. I realised it’s something that I can absorb myself in for hours and I enjoyed the creative process. Over time my designs became more elaborate as I learnt to work with wire as well as gemstones.” Geraldine, founder of W.I.M. shares with TallyPress.

The formation from hobby to business came one evening in December 2015 with Huong and Masoumeh as they were encouraging Geraldine to take things to the next level and start a new small business. She was a little apprehensive but they were very positive about the prospects and started to bring up new ideas of how to tackle the market. Geraldine is often a big self doubter and find it hard to promote or sell herself, so having supportive friends who believed in my designs definitely propelled me to start W.I.M.

Image Credit: W.I.M
Image Credit: W.I.M

The Inner Beauties of W.I.M.

Founder of W.I.M, Marketing & Jewelry Designer – Geraldine Chiu

“I’m Australian born Chinese, studied Finance & Accounting and had a career as a Project Manager in the banking sector. I love discovering new city hotspots, travel, fashion, interior design, cooking and photography. Life has taken me across the world- I packed one 25kg bag and moved from Melbourne to London seeking travel and adventure. Four years later I went to Holland for love and one year after that, my boyfriends work brought him to Kuala Lumpur where we have ended up settling. In summary that’s 4 countries lived in, 10 years in the corporate world and a lot of ups and downs living the expat life. Now in my 30’s I feel all my life experience has brought me forward to create W.I.M- I am finding my feet in a new country with the help of discovering new passions and building a creative small business with friends.” Geraldine opens her heart to TallyPress.

Sales & Cushion Designer – Huong Tran

“Localized, climatized and Malaysianized for the last 8 years. When I was 12 years old in Melbourne I was selling clothes in the school years during recess breaks – that then graduated to tailoring formal clothes for friends I borrowed my mums sewing supplies and followed my carpenter handyman father around on weekends. I always enjoyed observing trends and listening to what my friends wanted me to make. Delivering a handmade product always gave me a sense of accomplishment and a beaming smile followed.

The desire to sell something beautiful ran thick in my veins – I love my corporate sales job, but I always wanted to use my hands and creativity for a greater purpose. To be in the supportive W.I.M team and bounce ideas was too good to resist.”, says Huong.

Gem Hunter & Production Assistant, Masoumeh Myr

“Iranian girl in Malaysia. A student studying engineering, but interested in fashion. I am a lucky girl to have talented friends and able to be involved in W.I.M. As a Persian I love fancy and antique stuff. So crafted jewellery attracts me and I enjoy helping to create beautiful handmade items. W.I.M gives me energy and makes me excited, my aim is to transfer all those positive vibes and love to our customers through the products.”, Masoumeh tells TallyPress.

Image Credit: W.I.M
Image Credit: W.I.M

The W.I.M-ing Formula

They hope to create a thoughtful and personal brand where customers can sense the finer detail and care that has gone into each package. Ultimately they get a kick out of people enjoying what they make and their pleasure in the distinctively thoughtful approach they take – the real payment from their customers comes when they love what W.I.M does, the dollars is just a cover story so they can call ourselves a business!

Their designs bring in the experience of their travels and mix of east meets west which is unique to the Malaysian market. Within the team they all have different backgrounds, cultures and style which is expressed in our designs and approach to business.

They have different designs to suit everyone- some which are bolder and colourful, some that have sultry dark undertones and others which are more delicate and understated. Being fashionable doesn’t have to mean expensive. They like to make it accessible for everyone to have many different accessories in their collection so they can express their personal style to the world.

Image Credit: W.I.M
Image Credit: W.I.M

Each of us at W.I.M has taken risks and chosen a different direction in life to what we expected. In love, work, studies or taking the leap to leave home and seek independence- and it was only when we started to take risks, challenge ourself and follow our heart did we really learn who we are and become the best version of ourself.

— Geraldine, founder of W.I.M.

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