Singapore’s Top 10 Calligraphers

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Calligraphy is about movement and rhythm. The modern calligraphy art is fast becoming a beautiful way to customise your brand/ event or to give as a thoughtful gift. It can even be used to decorate your home. Here we have put together a list of 10 talented calligraphers from Singapore who possesses great techniques to execute their very own style of lettering.

1) Enrica Zerline


In addition to organising workshops to teach modern calligraphy, Enrica Zerline’s work has been visualised and featured on many brands layouts, from logos to personalised designs for individuals and organisations. Their work consists of many different styles, themes, colours and fonts, which come together beautifully on print – depending on the client’s requirements. Standout pieces include their gold lettering on black paper, certainly a unique theme that will appeal to those who are searching for stylish themes. | IG: @papelineco

2) Sought and Sow


Sought and Sow is passionately run by a young husband and wife team. This brand is perfect if you are looking to create a piece of art that reflects the Christian faith. Their calligraphy features verses of Biblical nature, often accompanied by beautiful minimalist imagery painted in the backdrop. In addition to custom pieces, they also make appearances at various bazaars and events to showcase their work, so check out their Instagram for the latest updates on their whereabouts.

IG: @soughtandsow

3) Naomi (Neh Oh Mee)


You’ll find that Naomi gravitates to all the colours of the rainbow, showing that a variety of shades can look rather tasteful and pretty when combined with the lovely penmanship that calligraphy has to offer. Check out her Instagram page for updates on workshops she conducts, and a cute little game called#friendsofnehohmee where she choose 5 names based on follower’s comments, and writes out their name in calligraphy for a post on every Friday. | IG: @nehohmee | FB: nehohmee

4) CyanideCalligraphix


This is one that will surely get millennials hearts beating a little faster, with decidedly amusing and sometimes naughty quotes on their products. Featuring items such as customised notebook and tote-bags. to greeting cards for just about any special occasion and also familiar quotes by famous personalities in beautifully embellished typography, this is a perfect choice if you’re on the lookout for a special and personalised gift for someone.

IG: @cyanidecalligraphix

5) Sow In Love


The pictures she posts are a sight to behold, as they are curated so artistically with her calligraphy as a centerpiece. In addition to pretty save the dates for weddings, her work has also been selected to be featured on clothing like kid’s tees. Keep an eye out for the occasional giveaways on her page as well, to try and get your hands on one of her pieces!

IG: @sowinlovecalligraphy

6) Karine Tan


Karine is a self-proclaimed “weekend letterer”, simply because besides her weekend calligraphy projects, she is a full-time advertising art director. Her passion for calligraphy even drove her to produce custom made envelopes, invites and cards to cater different clients’ preferences. She is also willing to do international commissions and digital artwork, if you’re outside of Singapore. | IG: @weekendletterer

7) The Hope Letter


The Hope Letter’s calligraphy is more minimalist in nature, focusing mostly on the art itself and the depths of the written words, which often feature lyrics from popular songs or even quotes related to Christianity on cards and prints. It’s all about words having power here, as The Hope Letter seeks to encourage and motivate people in their heartaches or loneliness by adding a spark of colour and meaningfulness to brighten up dark days.

FB: thehopeletter | IG: @thehopeletter

8) Joanne


Joanne is the graphic designer extraordinaire behind The Letter J Supply who fell in love with calligraphy when she was on vacation in New York. Her whimsical works of art are available in several lifestyle shops in Singapore, or even online via her website. Joanne has also collaborated with similar businesses to create works of art on items like cushions, to liven up your living space. She also conducts calligraphy and brush writing workshops, so keep an eye out for the next round, as they seem to sell out quickly! | FB: Theletterjsupply | IG: @theletterjsupply

9) Felicia Tan


At first sight, Felicia’s calligraphy evokes feelings of fairy-tales and romance, with her delicate and flowery penmanship. Poetry and literature are common features in her calligraphy work, and the accompanying artwork just complements the words perfectly. Her intricate art is certainly unique and beautiful, as the level of detail is simply amazing.

FB: felicalligraphy | IG: @felicalligraphy

10) Joyce Lee


Joyce heads Artsynibs, and with her crafty calligraphy skills she has an array of services on offer by her company. In addition to custom calligraphy work for wedding invites and the like, services include on-site calligraphy services for events and logo designing for brands or companies. Giveaways are sometimes hosted on her Instagram, with pens and other calligraphy items to be given away to the lucky winners. She is also not selfish in sharing her lettering skills as she also conducts calligraphy workshops teaching people the techniques and art of calligraphy. | FB: artsynibs | IG: @artsynibs

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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