Sabrina Wee Brings Freedom To Workwear, Inviting You To GOYA

Image Credit: Sabrina Wee

Every office worker knows the struggle of wearing work clothes. Sure, they exude professionalism as they’re meant to, but they can also be incredibly restrictive. When you want to move around a bit more in those work clothes, they won’t allow it, as material tends to be inflexible. And don’t even start on skirts, which gives new definition to movement restriction. To combat this problem and encourage more movement, Sabrina Wee has come up with workleisure clothes under her own label, GOYA!

About Sabrina Wee

Sabrina is a certified health coach and personal trainer. Through gradual lifestyle changes brought by small habit changes in nutrition, wellness, sleep and stress management, she believes that everyone can achieve a higher-quality life and healthier body. As she would say, “you don’t have a problem, you have a habit”. She was actually not athletic, but she began her fitness journey in strength-training after being convinced by science and regular training with a patient friend. Ultimately, she went on to pursue her ACE certification in Personal Training, Health Coaching, and later competing in a Bikini Competition in 2018, which she was first runner-up.

Image Credit: Sabrina Wee

Encouraging Movement

Besides that, Sabrina is also the creative director  and sole founder of GOYA, a workleisure label. With GOYA, Sabrina fuses the ease and freedom of technical fabric, bringing it into sophisticated workplace outfits. The result? Smart outfits that look professional, yet flexible enough to allow movement, whether in the gym or not. To bring the comfortable work uniform vision to life, Sabrina talked to women just like her, who had issues with workwear. After that, with the help of fashion designers, creatives and marketing staff, she brought GOYA to life. GOYA launched in January 2020, but concept and planning began way back in early 2018.

Image Credit: Sabrina Wee

It’s All About Well-Being

Sabrina has always had a strong interest in well-being, and she first learned about the intricate links between mind and body as an undergraduate studying psychology. After graduating, she worked as Strategic Planner in the Occupational Safety and Health Division in the Ministry of Manpower, advocating safety and wellness practices in all workplaces. Besides workplace safety, she also understood and felt the effects from constructive work clothes and sitting for long hours. For an all-around healthy lifestyle, it’s more than just going to the gym and eating healthy–we still need to move and stretch throughout the day. This is the concept behind GOYA: encouraging movement and activity with comfortable yet professional workwear!

Image Credit: Sabrina Wee


Hopefully, GOYA inspires people to move more, wherever they are and whatever they do. They have a collection of workwear ranging from dresses to separates, and also a yoga mat towel. If you’re tired of constrictive work clothes that limit your movement, you should definitely check out GOYA! With 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties, GOYA not only feels luxurious, but comfortable and suitable for the office, gym and beyond! In the future, Sabrina will be looking for the right partnerships to bring GOYA even further. Last but not least, GOYA is actually a tongue-in-cheek acronym for Get Off Your Ass, inviting you to do that exactly!

Image Credit: Sabrina Wee

Living and Moving is a Luxury – Don’t waste it, don’t lose it.” – Sabrina Wee

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