Top 10 Izakayas in KL & Selangor

If you’re a fan of Japanese drinks (read: sake), and also love some snacks to go along with the drinks, the best place to go to is an izakaya. Not only do they have a selection of drinks for you, but familiar Japanese snacks like yakitori available as well. With that, here are the Top 10 Izakayas in KL & Selangor!

The results of this Top 10 list is derived from the voting period of 18th November 2021 to 21st November 2021 on Over time, the ranking of the businesses as seen on Best Izakayas in KL & Selangor may differ from this list.

1) Fujisawa

Operating since 2015, Fujisawa has three outlets to date including PJ Uptown, Sri Petaling and Kepong. Depending on your dining preference, their izakaya-style restaurant has three different areas consisting of common and tatami areas and a bar. Customers can expect reasonably-priced menu options, where Fujisawa offers various fresh seafood like sashimi and oyster and assorted yakitori. They have various types of alcoholic beverages available as well, namely their bestselling Gold Flakes Sake and Kirin Ichiban beer.

FB: Fujisawa 藤泽居酒屋 Sri Petaling Branch | IG: @fujisawa_izakaya

2) Tobu Sake Bar

For those who are here for yakitori, Tobu Sake Bar offers patrons a choice of a la carte or set meals, with the latter is available for 2-3 pax (Yakitori A) or 4-6 pax (Yakitori B). If you prefer the former, they have varieties of skewered meat, seafood and vegetables ranging from different parts of chicken (e.g. skin, gizzard and thigh with leeks), Iberico pork belly, hotate scallop and eryngii mushroom. Tobu Sake Bar also serves bar bites and of course, a good range of selected sakes.

FB: Tobu Sake Bar – Damansara | IG: @tobu.damansara

3) Sumi Genshi-yaki Sakeba

Sumi Genshi-yaki Sakeba specialises in Japanese fusion food that suit most Malaysians’ taste buds. They only use quality and the freshest ingredients possible with no added MSG and preservatives whatsoever. Just honest, good food. They have various skewered meat and vegetables (kushiyaki), offering the likes of Chicken Thigh with Homemade Sauce, Sakura Pork Neck, Iberico Pork Skewer and Okra. Sashimi lovers can look forward to fresh seafood goodness like Beetroot Salmon Belly Sashimi and Japan Bluefin Tuna Toro. Rounding up its menu is a good range of Japanese beer and whisky (Suntory) for pairing some of your favourite foods. | FB: Sumi Genshi-yaki Sakeba | IG: @sumisakeba

4) Yakitori HAKI

The name of this place at Cheras Business Centre says it all. And that is they are famous for their charcoal-grilled yakitori, offering different parts of skewered chicken. Among them includes drumstick, skin, gizzard and liver, just to name a few. They also serve value-for-money yakitori sets with one of them come with mugs of beers. Apart from yakitori, the restaurant has other classic Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi and don mono (mini don).

FB: Yakitori HAKI 串烧居酒屋 at Cheras | IG: @yakitorihaki_cheras

5) Tansen Izakaya

A casual hangout spot that makes you feel like you are in the actual izakaya in Tokyo, thanks to its cosy wooden-based interior, complete with Japanese lanterns and neon signs. When it comes to foods, Tansen Izakaya serves freshly grilled meat and seafood skewers and other bestsellers like Spicy Miso Ramen and Teriyaki Pork Don. Not to forget the menu has varieties of beer, sake, shochu and whiskey to choose from.

FB: Tansen Izakaya | IG: @tansen_izakaya

6) Kitsuzo Izakaya

The word “cosy” is best described for Kitsuzo Izakaya, which has been around in Desa Sri Hartamas since 2016. The place comes highly recommended by many satisfied customers, thanks to its overall relaxing ambience and of course, good foods and friendly services. Speaking of foods, they have over 15 kushiyaki to choose from, such as Tori Momo (chicken thigh), Buta Bara Niku (Pork Belly) and Kamo Negi (Smoked Duck with Leek). If you are not into meat, they have grilled seafood and vegetable skewers ranging from Ika (squid) to shitake and eringi mushrooms.

FB: Kitsuzo Izakaya 吉津藏居酒屋 | IG: @kitsuzoizakaya

7) Fujiwara Yakitori Bar

If there’s one thing about Fujiwara Yakitori Bar that attracts the most, it has to be its novelty concept inspired by the famous Japanese manga series/ anime, “Initial D”. No doubt an Instagram-worthy spot no matter you are a fan or simply love to take photos, complete with a replica of the iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE6 parked at the front entrance. In terms of food, they serve various yakimono such as Chicken with Japanese Leek, Gyu Yaki (beef yakimono) and King Oyster Mushroom as well as others like gyoza and agemono (deep-fried Japanese dishes). And while you are at it, don’t forget to cool down with a glass of Suntory’s Premium Malt’s draft beer, bottled beer (e.g. Kirin Ichiban) or Japanese sake.

FB: Fujiwara Yakitori Bar | IG: @fujiwarayakitoribar

8) Butaya Izakaya

Among a crowd favourite for those looking for some yakitori goodness and alcoholic-drink pairings. The former is where Butaya Izakaya excels the most, where you get to sample over 30 types of yakitori, covering pork to chicken and assorted vegetables. Expect reasonable prices too while the overall cosy ambience makes it ideal enough for a nice hangout spot with family, friends or even colleagues after work.

FB: Butaya Izakaya 豚家居酒屋 | IG: @butayaizakayamy


A mainstay in the ever-changing SS15 neighbourhood, SUMIKA is no stranger to many Subang folks looking for great-tasting yakitori. Indulge some of their juicy skewers ranging from chicken to pork, beef and assorted vegetables such as shitake & erinigi mushrooms and eggplant. Don’t forget to pair your favourite grilled skewers with one of their Japanese alcoholic beverages, where they offer various types of beers sakes and shochu. A friendly reminder, though: Do call for reservations to avoid disappointment since seatings are limited.


10) Miyako Land Izakaya

Here’s a place where you can enjoy the Okinawa-like izakaya vibes since the founders of Minako Land Izakaya happens to be a Japanese family from Okinawa themselves. Fans of yakitori can look forward to recommended grilled chicken and pork skewers such as gizzard, wing, tongue and toro. They also serve seafood and vegetable yakitori, namely salmon and eggplant miso. For something filling, they have Okinawa-style curry rice served with pork ham & bitter melon and their signature Miyako Soba, which is available either half size or full size.

FB: Miyako Land | IG: @miyakoland.izakaya

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