Hyper Scape; A New Dystopian Game With A Female Malaysian Character

Image credit: gamesradar.com and hyperscape.fandom.com

Staying at home more has led to a significant increase in us playing all sorts of games. Ranging from simple point and click to more strategy based ones, there is a huge variety of games for all levels of interest and commitment. Therefore, you will surely find one that can suit your interest. One game that has fans quite excited is Hyper Scape which is the latest game from Ubisoft. Moreover, Malaysians have another reason to be excited. One of the characters is a Malaysian!

Hyper Scape is Here!

Hyper Scape can remind viewers of the movie Ready Player One. It is similar in that both are set in Dystopian futures where overpopulation seems to pose an issue. Additionally, everyone is living in undesirable spaces.

Furthermore, there is a ‘place’ set on the Internet that users can escape to with the help of technology. This place of escapism is also where players aim for chances to be better. In Hyper Scape, players are put in the shoes of characters that are competing against each other.

Hyper Scape open beta now available
Image credit: ubisoft.com

Through a first person shooter game that is the style of a Battle Royal, players can have a chance of winning fame and fortune. Currently, Hyper Scape is available in Open Beta for PC users. There are also expectations for it to expand to Xbox One users sometime in August.

Noor Azimah Appears

Hyper Scape
Image credit: ubisoft.com

And now the part we’re all here for. Out of the 11 available characters in the game, there is a female Malaysian! In fact, according to her Hyper Scape Wiki page, Noor Azimah binti Yusof is officially from Pekan, Pahang.

The 23-year old is a fashionista and social media influencer with a substantial audience. She is highly competitive and is a popular character among young women in the Asia Pacifc region.

Noor Azimah from Hyper Scape
Image credit: jomgaming.my

Moving on, her outfit consists of a standard orange-grey jumpsuit similar to the other characters. What sets her apart is the pink head scarf she wraps up just like Yuna. It’s so great to see an international game like Hyper Scape offer players the chance to take on a female Malaysian character.