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Malaysia has one of the highest rates of obesity in Asia. While the delicious array of Malaysian food is the partial blame, the lifestyle choices we make are a culprit too. The willpower it takes to exercise or eat salad is often much more than the temptation of a Ramly Burger. In addition, the common misconception is that diets can rectify the damage of poor lifestyle habits. However, diets are often temporary restrains which often bounce back upon resuming regular lifestyle. Bizzy Body uses scientific approach to help people achieving their ideal weight, incorporating beauty and wellness to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

About Bizzy Body

Bizzy Body are a team of slimming experts who utilises effective and effortless scientific solution in approaching today’s modern-day weight management. They create an alternative by circumventing traditional methods, state-of-the-art technologies, and engaging with customers directly. As a result, they are able to provide high-quality, effective treatment with safer approach at a fraction of time and price.

They believe that weight loss management programs should be personal, easy, and comfortable. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with confidence in your chest and image. Everyone has the right to look good and desirable.

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Services & Technology Offered

Their signature programme is the DNA Slim Test where it utilises a scientific process that examines individual’s inherited genetic formation to discover the root cause of weight gain. The test will analyses genes that affect:

  • Food Digestion
  • Responsiveness to exercise
  • Fat storage, absorption, burning
  • Weight Regain Potential

This allows true customisation to fit every individual’s needs. Your DNA is screened to reveal crucial genetic elements which enables enhanced accuracy and precision that was never possible before. Therefore, with heightened insights to how your body works, best-fit treatments and diet regime is assured to deliver the ultimate wellness experience.

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Unconventional Techniques That Are Tested

Their aim is to to create a healthier society and generate awareness on how to live a healthy lifestyle in a convenience way. People most often giving up in living healthily due to many excuses such as busy working schedule and hectic life. Hence, their programs suits for those with busy lifestyle and would like to try an easier alternative to achieve ideal weight with minimum effort. Beauty and wellness goes hand in-hand to to enhance one’s lifestyle. Someone with successful weight loss will have a boost in self-esteem. Therefore, this allows them to be capable of living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Driven by Value and Culture

Many customers have been scarred by hard selling sales people which jeopardised the industry’s image. However, the company practice core values which is crucial to deliver excellent services. In addition, they aim to be a global leader in the aesthetics and beauty industry, by bringing unmatched values with our extraordinary client services to everyone. Furthermore, they commit to satisfying and delighting valued clients by providing Our Assurance Promise in achieving their weight goals together.

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“Practicing our company’s core values such as Integrity and kindness is essential particularly in the service industry. Regardless of which departments or the level of the employee, everyone in the company must think of how to make the service, facilities and offers to serve the customer better.”

– Bizzy Body

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