10 Simple Workouts You Can Do At Your Office

Thanks to modern technology, we get to enjoy the luxury of convenience. But at the same time, it also tends to make us lazy. This is especially true if we spend most of our time sitting at a desk and do nothing but face the computer for long hours. While some of us may find time to exercise like going to a gym or engaging in an outdoor workout, others may end up with excuses like “no time for exercise due to workload” or “too busy in the office”. Fortunately, here are 10 Simple Workouts You Can Do At Your Office.

1) Take The Stairs

Most of us would generally choose to take the lift (read: convenient and faster), particularly if we work in an office building that has several floors. But you can burn calories by climbing the stairs instead. You can start slow and gradually pick up the pace as you go. Hate to do this alone? Have someone to accompany you as well. Whichever it is, climbing stairs on a regular basis means you (and your colleague) are able to burn fat, build muscle and even get your heart pumping.

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2) Extend Your Arms And Stretch

If your job mainly involves using a computer, we tend to be in stagnant positions for hours. This is particularly evident when we are too busy rushing for deadlines. So, once in a while, take a short break by stretching your arms. All you have to do is raise both of your arms above your head, followed by clenching your fingers altogether and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

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3) Spinal Twist

The good news about the office exercise is that you don’t have to necessarily stand up and do it. One of such exercises that only requires to sit on your chair is a type of desk stretches known as the spinal twist. It basically works by sitting sideways, turn and grab the back of the chair or the armrest using both hands. Then, use your arms to — yes, gently — twist your body for around 10-15 seconds. Repeat the same stretch on the other side.

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4) Chest Opener

Your chest can feel tight if you remain stagnant while working on a computer for too long. Doing so can also affect your shoulders, which in turn, lead to stiffness and discomfort. You can undo this problem by sitting on your chair, extending both of your arms at the back and interlock your fingers if possible. Hold the pose for around 10-30 seconds and then repeat the same process. Only this time, you extend your arms on the front. This type of desk-stretching exercise helps to stretch your chest, shoulder and even your neck.

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5) Hamstring Stretches

Prolonged sitting can cause hamstring tightness and that is not good. Perform hamstring stretches by flexing your feet forward until they are in a stretching position. Move on by reaching for your toes. Doing so will help stretching the back of your legs in your hamstrings.

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6) Tilt Your Head

This is yet another desk-stretching exercise for those who tend to sit for an extended period of time in the office. Release the tension in your neck and upper back by sitting up straight. Then, place your hand on your head and gently pull or tilt your head to the left toward your shoulder. Do the same on the right side of your head as well.

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7) Stretch Your Hips And Glutes

This type of exercise primarily focuses on releasing the tension in your hips and glutes. Just make sure you are sitting straight in your chair with your left/right foot on the ground and cross your left/right ankle on top of your left/right knee. Then, lean your body forward while pressing gently on the crossed knee until you feel a mild stretch in your hip and glute. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds and repeat on each side up to 5 times.

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8) Extend Your Leg

When you are in a stagnant position, your legs tend to go numb after a certain period of time. You can prevent that from happening by making a habit to perform a leg extension. It’s easy to do: Just push your chair away from your desk to make sure you have enough room to lift your legs. Do it one at a time by lifting your leg and hold it straight at 180-degree under your desk for as long as you can. Repeat on the other leg as well. This type of leg-extension exercise will not only stretch your calf and thigh muscles but also helps to keep the blood flowing.

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9) Do A Thigh Stretch While Standing

Get rid of the tension in your thigh by performing one of these standing stretches. All you have to do is stand up straight, placing one hand on the desk or a chair for stability. Next, grab one of your ankles and lift it up toward your buttock. Maintain your body in an upright position while holding the stretch for around 30 seconds. You should feel tension in your thigh. Repeat on the other leg as well.

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10) Sit Less, Move More

Sure, your job in the office requires a lot of sitting. But that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to get up and take a short walk once in a while. It can be anything like going to the washroom or heading to the pantry. If possible, take a short break and walk out of the office to get some fresh air. The whole point is to prevent numbness in your legs while maintaining a steady blood flow at the same time.

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