10 Instructors You Should Look Out for at MURFEST 2017

The Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival MURFEST 2017 is back for the fourth year running, bringing Malaysians the opportunity to enjoy three days of “Wellness, Music & Dance” once again. This year, MURFEST will be held from the 3rd to the 5th of November at Le Meridien Putrajaya. If you’re interested to take part, here are 10 instructors who you should look out for!

1) Daniel Rojas

Daniel Rojas is a movement specialist, professional dancer and high vibration guide. With over 25 years of dancing and performing, his passion for the craft is known worldwide. Daniel has even formulated his own style of dance he calls Embodied Dance, which combines elements from yoga, capoeira, breakdance and other movement techniques. He’ll be conducting 3 Workshops on Embodied Dance at MURFEST, including a Masterclass, which you can purchase tickets for online.

Daniel Rojas

2) Les Leventhal

Yoga enthusiasts should definitely check out Les Leventhal’s classes, but even if you’ve never tried it, you may want to with Les as your guide. Vinyasa Yoga is his speciality, and he follows Ana Forrest’s methods, having learned from her extensively. Leave your stress behind and join Les for his classes at MURFEST. He will be conducting a Masterclass in Anahata Chakra Vinyasa, as well as two other workshops.

Les Leventhal

3) Tymi Howard

Tymi Howard used to be a ballerina – then she discovered yoga in 1993, and has never looked back. Today, she owns the Guruv Yoga centre in Central Florida, and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She’ll be teaching three workshops at MURFEST, including a Masterclass called Yin Rocks – which is suitable for all levels, and focuses on Yin Yoga set to contemporary Rock music.

Tymi Howard

4) Kosta Miachin

To join Kosta Miachin’s classes all you’ll need is an open heart, mind and body. He developed the Vikasa Method of yoga, and has trained and taught all over the world. He believes that yoga is a spiritual journey. In fact, to attend his Masterclass in Vikasa you’d only need the ability to sit still, which surely can be done with ease by most. Besides this, he will be conducting workshops on Vikasa as well.

Kosta Miachin

5) Dr Andrea Paige

Under the Healing category of workshops is Dr Andrea Paige, whose unique and fun-loving approach to wellness makes her classes a breath of fresh air. She employs the usage of yoga in her teachings, and her knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology helps tremendously. At MURFEST, she will teach two yoga classes and one health lecture on fasting.

Dr Andrea Paige

6) Shervin Boloorian

Sound is powerful, but did you know it can be healing too? Just listen to Shervin Boloorian’s soothing vocals, and you’ll know this to be true. He is a certified Tama-Do sound therapist and founder of Sound Healing Bali, where he is also based. Shervin will share his talents and impart knowledge at MURFEST with a session on Sufi-Inspired Sound Healing, Indigenous Dreamtime and Sound Medicine.

Shervin Boloorian

7) Dee Dee Mahmood

Dee Dee Mahmood is Reebok’s Fitness Ambassador, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Singapore based Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Celebrity Trainer has also won awards internationally, has her own fitness DVD and is a lecturer. She’s squeezed in time in her busy schedule for MURFEST, where she’ll conduct workshops on The Science of Weight Loss and Inertia, Flex and Dance and Inertia Training.

Dee Dee Mahmood

8) Jojo Struys

Most Malaysians will know Jojo Struys as a television personality, but she has also always been passionate about wellness. Besides her hosting duties, she’s also a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master. She will be teaching two workshops at MURFEST, namely Art of Self-Love & Manifesting Abundance and Deep Relaxation & Sleep Yoga.

Jojo Struys

9) Davina Goh

Those who are keen to pursue a plant-based lifestyle would do well to attend Davina’s MURFEST workshops on Vegan Energy and Plant-Based Power. Davina adopted a vegetarian diet in 2012, and after noticing it had a positive impact on her health, went further to become vegan in early 2016. Her goal is to generate awareness on how a plant-based diet can be beneficial and enjoyable.

Davina Goh

10) Atilia Haron

Atilia Haron joins MURFEST this year to impart knowledge on Yoga For Your Dosha, which is meant to clear congestion. Besides being a talented singer, she’s also “Oracle” of Yogaonethatiwant Studios, and is a registered Yoga Teacher. Though she sometimes teaches in the Vikasa Flow style, she also has her own style – Cowabangga Chatturanga Crazy Flow.

Atilia Haron

The Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST) started as a concept to bring in a different feel in the Festival scene in Malaysia by integrating “Wellness, Music & Dance” into a 3 day event that would bring over 80 world class Facilitators, Musicians and Artists and become Asia’s number one platform in the Health & Wellness industry. Come join the fun on 3rd to 5th November 2017! For more information, please log on to murfest.com.