Okada Coffee and Sweets Brings You Unique Treats & Beverages With A Japanese Twist

Image Credit: Okada Coffee and Sweets

There’s no shortage of cuisine types we can choose from, since food is literally what keeps us going. From the days of dinosaurs right up till today, food has certainly been an essential, though it can also be a luxury. As human beings, though we can be comfortable with what is familiar, we sometimes also crave novelty and innovation; to try something new. Well, Okada Coffee and Sweets combine the familiar and the new nicely, bringing you food and beverage items that are uniquely crafted, yet always with an underlying taste of authentic Japan.

About Okada Coffee and Sweets

Founded in 2018, Okada Coffee and Sweets is a Japanese retail and café concept, operating both offline and online. At their online shop, you’ll be able to find retail products such as coffee accessories, as well as their signature Okada coffee beans for purchase. How Okada Coffee and Sweets came to be was by invitation to collaborate by the owner of Okada Coffee, Japan, who reached out to them for a joint venture in Singapore. Fun fact: Okada Coffee Japan has been around for more than 80 years!

Image Credit: Okada Coffee and Sweets

Healthy & Tasty, From Japan

Alfred runs the physical café, and he also imports and distributes Japanese products at the same time. He works closely with his business partner for the café, Okada Yoshiko, the third-generation owner of Okada Coffee in Kumamoto, Japan. At the café, they use health-conscious yet tasty ingredients, hoping to inspire a knowledgeable and sustainable food culture to the community, as well as to promote good health. As such, they incorporate authentic Japanese ingredients, often from Okinawa, into their original recipes to create delicious and healthy food and beverage items.

Image Credit: Okada Coffee and Sweets

Coffee, Meals & Dessert

At Okada Coffee and Sweets, there are a few things to look forward to. They have their signature coffee blends: the Okada Blend and the East Coast Blend, though they also offer specialty coffee beans sourced from all over the world. However, if coffee isn’t your thing, they also serve up delectable, unique beverage items, such as yuzu matcha and sweet potato latte. For your mains, check out their chicken curry-baked rice, and chicken baked rice with white sauce. Last but not least, wash it down with a sweet treat, with the likes of Pillow Cake, Miso Cupcake, Ginger Cupcake, and Steamed Brownie. Anyone who likes trying a lil’ something different should definitely drop by to try!

Image Credit: Okada Coffee and Sweets

Enjoy Japan In Singapore

With strong ties to their business affiliates from Japan, Okada Coffee and Sweets are able to bring in plenty of unique, authentic and fresh products to Singapore, which means locals get to enjoy a little slice of Japan without the need to travel. As the COVID-19 pandemic still rages, they, like many other businesses, have been hit as well, though they are doing their best to recuperate. In the near future, Okada Coffee and Sweets hopes to get more brand recognition, and hope to expand to other areas in Singapore. Currently, they operate at 153 Joo Chiat Road, S427431.

Image Credit: Okada Coffee and Sweets

“To share healthy and good food to the people around, and encourage a health-conscious way of living.” – Alfred, Okada Coffee and Sweets

To get your Okada coffee blends or check out their other products, visit www.okadacoffeeandsweets.com!