Monstaworks prints your photos on cool frames and delivers them to you

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So you have those beautiful photos in your smartphone and want to have them printed. Conventionally, that also means that you will have to look for a photo printing shop to get that sorted. The result? Predictable 4R prints. Sounds boring? Yes!

But not any longer – with Monstaworks.

What is Monstaworks?

Monstawork is born because conventional photo prints feel tired and out of touch with our generation of Instagramers. In just a few simple steps, Monstaworks lets you choose photos from your smartphone, Instagram or Facebook, have them printed and delivered to your doorstep. The catch is, Monstawork lets you print your photos on cool frames (not the predictable 4R prints) but mediums such as Magnets, Ceramic Tiles, MonstaSnaps and Krinkle Kuts.

What’s more pleasing? All these can be done at your fingertips. Monstaworks is accessible either via its website ( or using the Monstaworks App which is available on App Store or Google Play.

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The Story of Monstaworks

Monstaworks was founded in Year 2013 by Benedict Tan. So the story goes..

Ben was getting sick of the rat race after being caught in it for 5 years. Call it a quarterlife crisis. He threw in the towel and planned for his eat-pray-love trip.

He thought it’d be good to carry a photo album around with him throughout this journey. He browsed through his photos taken with that tool that’s always with him: his mobile phone.

He ordered photo prints online, but they were no different had he done it at a photolab nearby. Slow and overpriced. He felt that photo prints were getting out of touch for our generation. His sentiment was like a calling. No more soulsearching!

He sat down with Isaac and Li Sia to tell them about his idea. They agreed they wanted something different than your tired conventional 4R prints. Together, they scratched their own itch. Monstaworks is born – their baby, their honest effort to recreate your moments in shapes and forms that you actually want.

The Products of Monstaworks

Monstaworks believes in continuous innovation. Take a look at the product range of Monstaworks which includes Monstasnaps, Magnets, Krinkle Cuts, Ceramic Tiles and with more to come.


One picture, many possibilities. Sized at 103 x 90mm, Monstasnaps is your pictures in custom frames (of more than 5 designs to choose from) and captions on semi-matte surface of 240 gsm paper. Captions support most emojis and languages.

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Stick and flaunt your favourite pictures. Or give a gift that sticks. Available in 3×3 or 2×2 inches, print your pictures on a magnetic sheet which is of semi-matte surface.

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Krinkle Cuts

Vintage eye candies. Your best pictures cut-out like a big nostalgic stamps. Sized at 3.5 x 3.5 inches, your pictures are printed on semi-matte surface of 240 gsm paper.

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Ceramic Tiles

See and touch your photos in their most tactile form ever. Put them on your desk or wall or use them as coasters. The ceramic tiles are 4×4 inches and coated with glossy surface.

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To-date, Monstaworks has delivered to as far as America. Monstaworks has created this for you. Now, you know what to do if you are thinking of crystallizing your moments and have them delivered to yourself or even as gifts to your friends!

“Go out and capture your best moments with that tool that’s always with you – your mobile phone. Live life now. Let us crystallize it later.”

– Monstaworks

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