4 Terrarium Workshops You Can Sign Up in Singapore

5 Terrarium Workshops You Can Sign Up in Singapore
Image Credit: Scott Webb

Terrariums serve as educational hobbies where one discovers more about plants eco-system and they are beautiful ornamental natural objects. Although this activity got faded for a while, but today it has made a very strong comeback and the whole hobby has been tremendously expanded upon. Check out these 4 terrarium workshops you can sign up in Singapore.

1) Make Your Own Company

Established in 2013, Make Your Own is founded to bring a new perspective to the local D.I.Y. culture. They aim at sharing their knowledge with people around, showing them fun and creative solutions to make their own products.  By creating your own miniature garden, you can learn to appreciate nature more. From workshops for kids to more elaborate projects like ‘Dreamscape Moss Terrariums,’ the courses are highly affordable and bring so much more meaning to a normally ordinary weekend. Apart from terrarium, they also conduct workshops on copper lamps, calligraphy and leather-crafts.

Image credit: makeyourown.sg

2) The Plant Story

At The Plant Story, you can choose between four different types of gardens such a the water garden, air garden, rain forest garden and the desert garden. Their unique water garden contains a Marimo ball from Japan that the Japanese believe brings in good luck and they rarely need much sunlight to be alive. In the air garden terrarium, very little soil is used to cultivate the plants that survive on good air circulation. The rainforest garden is formulated in such a way that very little water is needed to water these plants which survive on the humidity from the other components encased in the terrarium. Who thought making terrariums could be so much fun!

Image credit: hypeandstuff.com

3) Green Banana

At Green Banana, they offer you the flexibility to customise and create your very own terrarium based on your individual or group needs. Through their team building workshops, build energy and synergy within your group members. For those who are eager to buy an already made terrarium, conveniently browse through their websites and purchase their wonderful terrariums online.

Image credit: green-banana.net

4) Ecoponics

Ecoponics conducts workshop for corporates. The owner of the company is passionate about his terrariums and often participates in fairs around the island.

Image credit: green-living.com.sg