Lady Boss The Florist Shows You Who’s In Charge

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We cannot underestimate the power of flowers in any situation. Whether it is putting a smile on someone’s face or being part of the decor for special events, you can count on beautifully arranged flowers. However, it takes more than just plain blossoms to achieve the maximum effect. This is where you need skilled florists who are flower whisperers who will be able to amplify the amazing powers that flowers can give. If you need a place to start, Lady Boss The Florist is the perfect place for you!

About Lady Boss The Florist

Lady Boss The Florist is an online business turned retail business located at Johor Bahru that brings you something different, beautiful, stylish and unique. Although many of their products are Korean and European inspired but creativity isn’t a limit. They prefer customers who give them space to play with creativity, even customising flowers if customer wish it. Every product/bouquet has their own story and they want to bring memories to customers through their flowers.

Image credit: Lady Boss The Florist

Products & Services Offered 

Besides hand bouquets, they also provide decorations for wedding, Grand Opening Flower and also design flower gifts based on different festivals/seasons. From the exterior of their shop, you can see they love white. Most of their bouquets or designs will definitely involve white, as it represents purity, simplicity and peacefulness.  A list of services they provide are as below:

• Wedding & Event Arrangement
• Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangement
• Flower Boxes
• Grand Opening Flowers
• Bridal Bouquets
• Seasonal Gifts

Furthermore, they also design preserved flowers besides fresh ones. As a florist and flower shop, they are willing to try and experiment with various styles which will provide different services and effects to cater for a large variety of customers. After all, everyone has a different opinion when it comes to bespoke designs!

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The Journey To A Lady Boss

The business was born out of a passion for nature and creativity. Working around all the
flowers brings a sense of joy and love. It all began with a spark of an idea: to create interactive and unique flower gifting. Serene, the founder, travelled to Korea to pick up the skills and found her interest and passion to become a florist. Running a business is a lot more gratifying than working for someone else. It’s a great feeling when customers thank you for a job well done. It touches their heart and that is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting and fun.

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Beautifying The World With Flowers

Their dreams and plans extends beyond being just a florist; they aim to build a brand to allow customers to remember that these flowers play a part in their life. In addition, they are currently planning for flower hobby classes and workshops due to overwhelming requests. A huge thanks goes to all their supporters and fans who love their artwork and designs. They hope that through the classes, they are able to meet more people and that will expand their horizons and obtain more inspiration for their products.

Image credit: Lady Boss The Florist

““See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the
autumn and spring rains.”

(James 5:7)

People always want to be successful fast but that might make you fall harder. The focus should be what you have
learned in the preparation of your journey. Do not give up easily, Everything comes
with perfect timing. be patient and enjoy every moment.”

– Serene Y, Founder

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