Kit Kat Singapore Introduces Roti Pratha, Laksa, And More For Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are frantically running around. Whether it’s last minute gift shopping or preparing for a big dinner. Just remember to have a break and maybe have a Kit Kat. Especially since Kit Kat Singapore is introducing a bunch of new flavours just in time for the holiday!

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Kit Kat is a pretty iconic chocolate brand because of the diversity of their products. Not only do their chocolates come in a variety of sizes but also in flavours. There’s of course the classic milk chocolate but there’s also hazelnut, cookies & cream, and more.

To keep the Christmas spirit going, Kit Kat Singapore is introducing two festive flavours. Firstly is Mrs Claus’ Christmas fruit cake which is a blend of mixed fruits, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Kit Kat Singapore
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If you want something less fruity and more spicy then Santa’s gingerbread man is a good choice. The new flavour features a combination of ginger spices as well as a hint of cinnamon.

However, if you want a flavour that’s just sweet and good then you should try the tiramisu flavour. On the chocolate bar you will also find crushed hazelnuts to give it an extra crunch.

Moving on, Kit Kat Singapore is also giving a special tribute to Singaporeans and to a certain extent, Malaysians. They have introduced new flavours which are very localised and might raise some eyebrows.

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Five new local flavours are available to buy, one of which includes roti pratha with fish curry. Singapore laksa, Nyonya bubur cha cha, rose bandung, and cendol durian are also in the new collection.

Kit Kat Singapore Laksa
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Biting into the Singapore laksa flavour will reveal fried beancurd and laksa leaves to give you the real deal. Meanwhile the cendol durian has gula melaka, coconut, and of course durian.

What do you think about the risky new flavours? Would you try them out or give it a pass? Savoury and sweet do go well together but have they brought it too far with the roti pratha and laksa?