This Johor Student Has Won The Rolls-Royce Challenge In The UK

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Yew Jun Ying is from Johor and is currently pursuing his degree in the University of Southampton. He is the proud winner of the Rolls-Royce Electrical Challenge in the Telegraph STEM Awards 2019. Congratulations Jun Ying!

The Telegraph STEM Awards Rolls-Royce Challenge 2019

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This years STEM Award Electrical Challenge was sponsored by Rolls-Royce. The company which plays a huge role in the aerospace industry is looking towards electrical products. However, the biggest challenge is managing heat production and its wastage.

Therefore, participants were challenged to create a plan to reduce the waste of heat in the electrification of aerospace products.

Yew Jun Ying’s Winning Proposal

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Jun Ying presented his idea which uses the Organic Rankine cycle technology which focuses on heat management. It also works towards providing solutions of recovery.

According to The Star, Jun Ying said his essay proposed a potential solution for accelerating the development of air-vehicles. In addition, these air-vehicles will use conventional gas engines but also electric motors. It is also capable of vertical landing and take off.

22-year old Jun Ying is currently in his third year of his Mechanical Engineering Degree. He is studying in the University of Southampton and is specialising in Sustainable Energy Systems.

His Achievement

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By winning The Telegraph STEM Awards 2019, he is receiving an internship position at Rolls-Royce. Here he will be able to have hands on experience with the aerospace company and its efforts towards electrification.

It is also possible that he could work on implementing his proposal.

In addition, he will receive mentorship on business and intellectual property from The Telegraph.

Jun Ying has said that his achievement felt unreal. He credits his family, his peers, and supervisors who gave him support, advice, and suggestions.

In an interview he says “most importantly is to believe in what you have created. And to believe in yourself.”

Once again, congratulations Jun Ying on this amazing achievement! We hope you have a great time learning and working with Rolls-Royce. You have made us all proud.