GetCoinApp: Malaysia’s First Homemade Cryptocurrency Mobile App

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Malaysia’s pioneer blockchain technology company, Blockchain Street Sdn Bhd., has developed a new cryptocurrency mobile app: GetCoinApp. Blockchain provides cryptocurrency exchange and brokering solutions, so that non-tech-savvy people can invest in cryptocurrency easily with peace of mind. Besides that, the company also researches on and develops different types of blockchain technology to solve pain points in traditional businesses.

About GetCoinApp

Built from scratch, GetCoinApp is the first homemade cryptocurrency mobile application in Malaysia. It is registered with Bank Negara Malaysia as a reporting institution running for Digital Currency Exchange provider, which you can buy cryptocurrency by using fiat currency. It complies to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) guidelines. Hence, you can buy Bitcoin securely with a Malaysian identity. Most cryptocurrency users face issues such as complicated cryptocurrency orderbook mechanism, hacks, scams, and lack of reliability to buy Bitcoin. However, this app is a convenient platform that allows you to buy Bitcoin securely in Malaysia. Besides owning the intellectual property, it also supports three different languages.

Friendly and Efficient Platform for Laymen

Through the Design Thinking process, GetCoinApp helps laymen buy cryptocurrency securely without the hassle of going through complicated cryptocurrency orderbook mechanism or the fears of being cheated on using Peer to Peer (P2P) platform. Furthermore, users can also buy bitcoin instantly in the app based on the price listed in the app, which is especially beneficial to those who are looking to purchase bitcoin.

Image Credit: GetCoinApp

Improved KYC & Buying Process

GetCoinApp employs a mobile technology which has dual functions. First, it simplifies the process of Know Your Customer (KYC). Secondly, it also functions as a security protocol so that transactions become more secure. In addition, the process of buying bitcoin is simplified as well. All users need to do is to fill in personal information and upload a photo with their identity card. Once approved, users can buy bitcoin immediately without paying any cash deposit. Users can select any amount and make online transactions. Next, take picture of the receipt and upload it onto the app. Once it is verified, you will get notified and your wallet balance will immediately reflect the bitcoin value.

Intelligent Cryptocurrency News for Investment

GetCoinApp covers news on cryptocurrency which has been summarized and simplified, and uses the push notification technology to update users. With these news, non-technical customers may find it easier to make buy-or-sell decisions. Hence, this system allows users to understand cryptocurrency news and bitcoin prices at one glance without going through tedious technical articles.

Image Credit: GetCoinApp

Fuss-Free Transactions

Right now, the fees for Bitcoin transactions are rather high. With GetCoinApp, users do not need a prepaid account. In contrast, users only need to pay per transaction, either by transfer to other cryptocurrency wallets or through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfer. GetCoinApp has secured storage and withdrawal support to other wallets as well. Users can also opt to send emails to their friends instead. Using off-chain technology for P2P transfers, GetCoinApp helps users save on network fees. To ensure transparency of the system, each transaction is recorded.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

As one of the pioneers of the Digital Currency Exchange, GetCoinApp envisions to be mainstream, and are ready to scale further to create more functions to support markets. Besides Malaysia, GetCoinApp is also targeting to work in all countries which provide uncomplicated exchange, withdrawal service, as well as send and trade with other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is also developing good rates for buying and selling. Ultimately, through borderless P2P transfer, GetCoinApp aims to reduce conventional transaction fees for cross-border remittance, and be just like a high capital appreciation altcoin. 

According to The Star Online, a few stalls in Malaysia are already accepting payment in bitcoin and ethereum. A food stall in Bandar Puchong Utama has begun to accept cryptocurrency payment! Therefore, GetCoinApp is planning to create micropayment which would start to accept digital currency of payment in cryptocurrency without additional fees in the future. Besides that, it also aims to become the new Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. GetCoinApp aspires to continue being highly secure, reliable, and trustworthy!

Image Credit: GetCoinApp

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