Check Out These Ways To Use Vinegar Other Than A Cooking Ingredient

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You’re stuck at home and you want to do a million and one things but you might not have the resources you need. Additionally it’s not like you can just pop down to the nearest store to grab what you want. While we can’t promise you that Vinegar is the one stop solution for all your problems, it’s worth looking through. Here are ways that you can use Vinegar as more than a cooking ingredient.

1. Vinegar Kills Weeds

Vinegar can kill Weeds
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You might be seeing a few weeds sprouting up in your garden or through the cracks of your porch. Just give them a little spritz and watch them disappear after a few days!

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean Toilet Bowl with Vinegar
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All you need to do is pour about two cups of pure vinegar into your toilet bowl and let it sit for half an hour. Then just give it a good scrub and watch all that grime go down with the flush.

3. Glue Remover

Glue on the wall
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I don’t know about you but whenever I use my scissors to cut my double sided tape, it always gets some glue! Well, whatever your sticky situation might be just put a bit of the strong stuff for a few minutes and the glue just melts off.

 4. Vinegar Can Remove Rust

Rusty objects
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Suddenly you’re noticing all the metal objects around you are either rusty or beginning to rust. Time to whip out our trusty friend here. Soak whatever rusty object you have overnight and the acidity will work through all that corrosion.

5. Clean, Clean, Clean With Vinegar!

Dirty bathroom wall
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Instead of getting out like ten bottles of different products and stressing over which to use, just grab the vinegar! Seriously, this stuff will help you clean your sinks, your kitchen counter, your floors, and tiled walls. It’s crazy!

6. Is That Bird Poop?

Bird poop on car
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Finally noticed the bird poop on the roof of your car? Oh no! Has it dried up and crusted so much that you can’t just spray water? Well I’m sure instead of using your hands to scrub it off you would prefer another way. A bit of vinegar will help soften that poop right off the roof.

7. Smelly Shoes? 

Smelly Shoes
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You just realised that your shoes are the source of that weird smell in your home. You’ve washed it a few times but the smell refuses to leave. Give the insoles a quick soak in vinegar and warm water for a few hours before letting it dry.