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fewStones Video Production
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You can present information and content in a variety of ways: text, images, other visuals such as graphs and charts, a combination of them all… and of course, there are videos. Nowadays, people are looking for more interesting and engaging content more than ever, and videos are a natural first choice. So what do you do if you don’t know the first thing about videos? You get in touch with fewStones, a video production company in Singapore!

About fewStones

Founded in 2011, fewStones helps companies and brands in marketing with corporate videos. They actually started off as a web and video agency, and then the business split into a few different companies. As videos are increasingly becoming an essential part of how we consume content, fewStones was created to handle video production and video marketing. Although founded by two French entrepreneurs Sophie Normand and JC Bouglé, fewStones is now managed by an international team.

fewStones video production
Image Credit: fewStones

The Personal Touch

The best thing about having an international team is the combination of cultures and talents. Having diversity in the team became a strength for fewStones, and they pride themselves on understanding and personalisation as well. With their clients, they always provide a personalised and one-on-one service from day 1, and help communicate stories in the most engaging way possible. In other words, clients are fewStones’ number 1 priority, and they are extremely responsive. Besides that, they are also experts in various styles and types of videos.

fewStones video production
Image Credit: fewStones

fewStones’ Videos

Primarily, fewStones focuses on live-action, 2D or 3D videos. However, they also provide Personalised Videos, Event Highlights, Testimonial videos, Corporate videos, Webinars, Product launches, E-learning and Demo videos just to name a few. Through the videos, which are innovative productions and effective marketing, fewStones hopes to help companies boost their online presence, resulting in an increase of leads and revenue. Their audience is mostly in Singapore, but they have also completed a couple of international projects in the US, Canada, France, Australia, UK and Netherlands. Some of their clients include Temasek, Singapore Airlines, Google and Samsung.

fewStones video production
Image Credit: fewStones

Impactful Videos Across Borders

In the near future, fewStones aims to be a reference partner for impactful videos beyond Singapore. Looking at their achievements, they’re well on their way:

  • The first YouTube certified agency in Singapore.
  • Created a sister company Veeroll for video ads, with more than 29 million video ads served.
  • Co-created Veecamp, a video camp to teach production techniques to teenagers.
  • Rated the best production house in Raffles Place, Singapore by Three Best Rated.
  • Created a YouTube channel – KiddoStories for kids, amassing a total of 15 million organic views on our videos.
  • Filmed a corporate video involving Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for a project with Singapore Airlines.
fewStones video production
Image Credit: fewStones

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the confinement in place, videos is now the new normal for businesses as digital opportunities soar. fewStones has created a quick guide for anyone who needs help with producing a stellar self-recorded video that stands out. Check it out for tips on framing, lighting, sound and more: Quick Guide to Self-Recorded Videos.

“Our mission is to be our clients’ responsive and reliable partner to advise on and implement video strategies. We offer clients outstanding value, a wide variety of options and a customer-focused service through collaboration and flexibility.” – fewStones.

To bring your ideas to life and tell your story, visit fewstones.com!