7 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas To Go On With Your S/O in Singapore

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For the days that you want to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air, for the days when the weather is perfect, for the days where you are looking for an adrenaline rush, here are 7 fun outdoor date ideas you can go on with your S/O in Singapore.

Since the activities range on a scale of relaxing under the sun to facing your fears, there is something for every couple to enjoy on this list! 😅

1. Go for a bicycle ride but on water instead

There are just days where you want to be out on the water but not necessarily get wet. Well, this outdoor date idea is perfect for you! Go water biking at Pasir Ris Park and don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to ride a bicycle for this. In fact, it is safer and more stable than a traditional bike.  Even a grandfather who is 70 years old or a small child who is just 7 years old can ride it with ease. All you need to bring is your partner, water, a hat, and sunblock.

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2. Race each other on an open water obstacle course

On the days you’re feeling competitive and don’t mind getting wet, try out Singapore’s first floating aqua park at Palawan Beach in Sentosa. Challenge your bae to an exhilarating floating obstacle course at Hydrodash – loser has to buy dinner! Designed for everyone’s enjoyment, the inflatable playground is a family-friendly attraction that is suitable for all ages. If you don’t mind company on your date, you can get more people to join in on the fun. The more, the merrier!


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3. Try out Asia’s #1 zipline

If you or your partner have never tried going on a zipline before, now’s the time to muster up your courage and give it a go. Speaking from experience and as someone who has a fear of heights, it is not as scary as bungee jumping or a tree top obstacle course. And where better to go for your first time than Asia’s number 1 zipline, MegaZip in Sentosa! A 450m zipline that takes you soaring over the Imbiah Hill Jungle, Siloso Beach, and the sea, it would be an exciting experience to share with your partner. If you are feeling fearless, purchase the combo that would include MegaClimb and MegaJump for an adrenaline-filled date.


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4. Dangle your feet in the air with a drink in hand

Another date idea that involves height but less physical exertion is the SkyHelix at Sentosa. All you have to do is take a seat on the open-air gondola that will take you and your partner to a height of 79 metres above sea level. It’s been said that it ascends slowly and gently and you wouldn’t even notice the how high it’s going. So just let your hair down, dangle your feet in the air and sip on a cold beverage as you take in the 360° view that stretches from Sentosa to the Keppel Bay area and the Southern Islands.


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5. Ride around an ATV adventure park

Get muddy and dirty as you ride on the ATVs at Mud Krank, the first and only ATV adventure park in Singapore. Looking to get fast and furious with your boo? Here’s the perfect place for an outdoor date that involves a healthy dose of adventure and adrenaline rush. Located on a farm in Kranji, ride an ATV on the customised tracks that is thrilling yet safe at the same time. It’s also a wonderful way to relieve stress with your partner!

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6. Soak up some vitamin D together

Spice things up by doing something new and fun together! Give stand up paddle boarding a try – it’s a great way to stay fit together too. This is one activity where you are going to need to use your energy and strength. But you know what they say – a couple who sweats together stays together. Plus, it is a fun activity after you have mastered how to do it. Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and gentle rolling of the sea as you make another core memory with your partner.

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7. Get in touch with nature and visit a farm (or two)

Finally, an activity that is neither scary nor requires a lot of physical exertion, spend a relaxing and educational time together by visiting the many interesting farms that can be found in Singapore. Two of such farms are Hay Dairies and Bollywood Farms.

Established for more than 20 years, Hay Dairies is a goat farm and the only goat farm in Singapore. You will get to meet more than 800 goats of various breeds! Get there between 9am and 10.30am if you would like to view their goat milking session. You can also try your hand at feeding the goats.

Located in the Kranji Countryside, Bollywood Farms is a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. On this 10-acre plot, you will find a vegetable farm, a food museum, a kitchen event space, a store selling seasonal produce and herbs and even a café named Poison Ivy Bistro. Get in touch with nature and spend time exploring the different trails on the farm with your partner. Just what you and your partner need to destress and unwind!

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