Bfab – The Disruptor in the Beauty Industry

Many of us out there would have encountered challenges trying to secure an appointment for a haircut, comparing rates for mani-/ pedi-cure packages or having to read numerous review sites to look out for the best massage centres in town all the time. Bfab, a Malaysia-based online beauty and wellness marketplace is here to fill the gap.

‘Be Fabulous’

Bfab launched its website in January 2016 and had attracted more than 600 salons and spas across Klang Valley to sign up to Bfab platform. The team aims to change completely the way a beauty and wellness appointment is managed. Bfab helps local beauty & fitness professionals get more out of the business, while making it easier for their nearby clients to find and book great treatments online.


The platform provides a comprehensive list of beauty and wellness services where users can log in for free to book their hair, massage, spa, nail, waxing and makeup services at anytime, anywhere. This 24/7 online platform allows much more than just static searches, but actual uniquely adaptable tools to finding the users’ ideal beauty and wellness service in their respective areas. In addition, beauty enthusiast can compare, rate salons and share their experiences all in one place. With all these features along, they guarantee that there will not be any surcharges to the cost of the user’s purchase.

The Fabulous Team

The team made up of Pawel Netreba, Raeesa Sya and Sergey Gaydar shared that they got the idea for Bfab because they saw a market gap in the beauty industry and there were no big players in the Southeast Asian market. The team decided to leverage on their knowledge and experiences in e-commerce to build a one-stop platform to provide a transparent, trustworthy and convenient way to book an appointment.


All about Beauty and Wellness

Targeted to female mid-level working executives aged between 25 and 35, Bfab uses technology to enhance the booking experience of the users with both web and mobile (Android) versions. The platform offers real time booking where users are able to book their appointment instantly through the calendar system. The details of each salon/ centre are clearly listed down, hence, there will not be any more awkward calls or spending time searching for phone number, location and availability.


The platform provides all kinds of beauty services – from Haircuts, Massages, spa treatments, facial, hair removal, body slimming, as well as makeup for any occasions. Concierge service is also made available recently where users can ask the team for recommendation, inquiry or make a booking by just dropping a message via WhatsApp and get treated like a VIP.

“The beauty industry is big. Getting businesses to go from offline to online is very challenging. Some salon and spa are still traditional with no CRM system. It took us some time to educate them but feedback has been very positive. We also discovered a lot of hidden gems through the process.” Raeesa tells TallyPress. Bfab also believe that by creating an online presence for the beauty salons, customers will get to know about them, and this means more customers for the beauty salons.


The Future Plans for Bfab

In the next 5 years, Bfab is hoping to provide a broader selection of salons in different categories. They also have plans to expand into the Southeast Asian market.


You can have the best ideas but if you don’t execute nothing is going to come out of it.

 — Raeesa Sya, Co-founder of Bfab

Start your fabulous journey with Bfab today!