Enchanted Fiore Provides Premier Luxury Preserved Roses

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When it comes to expressing love to loved ones, nothing beats the gift of roses. However, as with most flowers and bouquets, they only last for a fleeting moment. With the availability of preserved flowers, you can almost “immortalise” your love and feelings for the special one in your life. If you need a florist that can prepare a rose to express your everlasting love, make sure you check out Enchanted Fiore.

About Enchanted Fiore

Enchanted Fiore is Singapore’s premier preserved rose specialist. As one of the first few florists in Singapore launching preserved roses, they’ve been the pioneer in the industry. Besides preserved rose glass domes, Enchanted Fiore also carries Parisian luxury boxed roses, glass case arrangements, acrylic boxes, gift boxes, rose bears, preserved rose keychains and charms, and some other preserved flowers (including being the first and only to offer preserved peonies in Singapore). In addition, they also host workshops, and are one of the few florists who are able to run workshops for large groups of 40 adult corporate workshops.

Image credit: Enchanted Fiore

Products and Offerings

Enchanted Fiore has the widest range of sizes for single-rose Beauty and the Beast themed Preserved Rose Glass Domes in Singapore. They’re best known for that and the Le Enchantment Lumiere. Furthermore, they have a range of Disney princess crafted designs that cannot be found elsewhere because it’s designed in-house!

Wonder Woman was a client request for a rainbow rose to suit her preferences. The Rouge Diamond Rose is one of their R&D designs, where the Preserved Rose is coated with a metallic sheen with micro-glitter, much like the red paint of sports cars. The structure of the preserved rose is kept intact, and with the paint sealant, the rose is able to last for even longer than regular preserved roses. Bringing in Preserved Peonies was another leap of faith. These peonies are imported from Europe and are environmentally friendly where even the carbon dioxide manufacturing waste is recycled. They’re doing their part for the environment, and are constantly exploring other options and new inventions.

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A Unique Piece For Every Individual

They take great pride in providing classy and beautiful designs with a high degree of customisation. Every piece is crafted to order and their impeccable customer service have won the hearts of many enthusiasts. Working with clients to customise their dream piece brings them the greatest fulfillment. Each piece is a journey they undertake with our clients. Additionally, they are able to boast that they have managed 100% timely delivery for all major occasions since the beginning of the business, including Valentine’s Days!

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Spreading Happiness To Others

They have always and will continue to strive to bring happiness to the recipients who receive an Enchanted Fiore creation. In addition, they have just become the first to launch preserved peonies in Singapore. Furthermore, they want to continue being the market explorer to bring the world to Singapore. However, they are also looking at expanding their operations even more and probably franchising overseas if possible. Many of their designs are created in-house and are unique in the world, and they’re open to business partners especially from neighbouring countries!

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“We believe you should do all things, even small things, in a great way to the best of your abilities. That is translated to how we seek to craft each piece in the best possible manner which is why our motto is “You Deserve the Best.”

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people sincerely with their hearts.”

– Enchanted Fiore

For luxury preserved flowers, Enchanted Fiore will mesmerise you: