Top 10 English Language Centres in KL & Selangor

Top 10 English Language Centres in KL & Selangor
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Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are home to many English language centres, offering programmes tailored for various levels and age groups. These centres provide high-quality education under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers. From improving your English through communication, reading and writing skills, we have gathered a list of the Top 10 English language centres in KL & Selangor areas.

1) Big Ben Academy – English Course Malaysia

Big Ben Academy - English Course Malaysia
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Learn from the best at Big Ben Academy as the teachers here are Certified Teachers in Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) native English speakers. You can choose to study English in person or online for a flexible learning experience. Expect lively and interactive classes as the teachers adopt a unique approach to ensure you can master the English language efficiently. Among the courses available include the Intensive English Programme (IEP) and Business English Courses for Adults & Students. | FB: BigBenAcademy.Official | IG: @bigbenacademy_official

2) CEA Academy KL

CEA English Academy
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CEA English Academy offers multi-level English courses for students as young as age 4 and above. This includes Junior English (ages 4-6), Young Learners English (ages 7-12) and General & Academic English (for secondary school students & adults). Each course is tailored for students from different age groups and levels to learn English efficiently, covering the likes of communicating & writing skills and mastering vocabulary & grammar rules. The academy also has courses available for Vocational English Certificate (VEC), Cambridge English: Business English and Linguaskill. | FB: CambridgeEnglishCEA | IG: @ceaenglishacademy

3) Erican Language Centre

Erican Language Centre
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Learning English shouldn’t be a chore and that’s the promise from Erican. Here, their teachings are more interactive through the participative learning system with the help of highly qualified English teachers. Besides, Erican Language Centre has been in the business for over 30 years and its illustrious reputation speaks for itself. Courses are available for different levels and age groups such as Erican Young Learners, Erican Cambridge English and Erican Business English. | FB: Erican.Language.Centres | IG: @erican_english

4) Stratford International Language Centre

Stratford International Language Centre
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Stratford’s list of programmes is meticulously designed to help students strive for excellence. With the help of highly experienced teachers, students regardless of local or international backgrounds can look forward to learning English in a fun and effective way possible. Some of the courses available include General English, IELTS Preparation, English for Business Communication and Stratford Junior Programme, where the latter is designed for kids aged 9-12. | FB: | IG: @stratford.english_malaysia

5) KLC Language Centre

KLC Language Centre
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The award-winning KLC Language Centre specialises in helping children master the English language through fun, yet effective teaching methods. Kids can look forward to attending programmes including English Phonics, where they will learn spelling and improve their reading skills. The centre also offers various Cambridge English Assessment courses from Pre A1 Starters (ages 5-8) to B1 Preliminary for School (ages 9-16). | FB: KidsPlanetEnglish

6) Sheffield Academy

Sheffield Academy
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Sheffield Academy committed to offering high-quality education and training since its inception in 2010. The academy has several courses available, namely Business Management and Hospitality Management. Those who want to learn English can enrol for the Intensive General English or IELTS Preparation Course. The former is conducted in a small group class with a maximum of 12 students, allowing the teacher to connect with the students more efficiently. As for the latter, the course focuses on non-native speakers to master English through the likes of speaking, reading and writing. Alternatively, you can participate in a workshop to improve your English skills. | FB: | IG: @sheffield_academy

7) EMS Language Centre

EMS Language Centre
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EMS, an acronym for “English Made Simple”, offers English-learning courses for every level no matter if you are a local or international student. Classes are conducted in small groups, allowing better interaction between teachers and students. Depending on your choices, they have courses like Intensive General English, English Booster, Speaking/Writing Course and English for Work. They also provide preparation courses for IELTS and PTE (Pearson Test of English). | FB: ems.malaysia | IG:

8) The Language House

The Language Centre
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Operating since 1990, The Language House offers courses that are conducted under the guidance of highly experienced teachers. They use a blended teaching method to maximise the students’ English learning skills. And that is made possible by focusing on nurturing them through creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Among the courses that you can find at The Language House include the General English Programme (GEP), Pathway Programmes and Business English. | FB: tlhmalaysia | IG: @thelanguagehousepj

9) ELS Malaysia

ELS Malaysia
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The Washington-based ELS has been around since 1961 before it made its way to Malaysia in 1990. The centre is dedicated to providing high-quality English-language courses for students from every culture. Some of their top courses worth checking out include the Certified Intensive English Programme (CIEP), which is available both on-site & online and Corporate English Training. The latter is suitable for individuals to improve communication and writing skills tailored for Business English. | FB: ELSmalaysia | IG: @elsmalaysia

10) British Council Malaysia

British Council Malaysia
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British Council’s illustrious history in Malaysia can be traced back to 1948. They have a team of highly experienced teachers to nurture students of all levels, whether kids, teens or adults to master the English language through fun and stimulating learning experiences. For instance, adults can choose courses to improve their English skills no matter if they want to study in a class or online. Courses tailored for corporate sectors for businesses, governments and educational institutions are also available to empower them through communication skills. | FB: BritishCouncilMalaysia | IG: @my_british

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