U Mobile With Good Vibes Presents Snow Patrol Live In KL

Snow Patrol played their greatest hits like 'Run' and 'Chasing Cars', prompting singalongs from an enthusiastic crowd

With 25 years of international success and hit releases, Snow Patrol has just made their Malaysian debut in Kuala Lumpur with an acoustic performance. As part of their latest album tour, “Wildness”, the alternative rock band performed in KL Live on 29th August 2019. The show titled, “Snow Patrol Acoustic Live In Kuala Lumpur, is one of the many sideshows from Good Vibes Festival in collaboration with U Mobile as the official partner and telco. 

Although the acoustic format may have been more low-key and intimate, it was still a memorable performance for the fans to relive and sing along to their impressive repertoire of indie, rock, and pop tunes for the past two decades. 

Unlimited Grooves with U Mobile

Once again, U Mobile is back with amazing setups for fans to chill and have a great time!

If there ever was a real-life boomerang, U Mobile got it spot on with cut-out shaped eagles and words that read “Snow Patrol Acoustic” and “#Unlimited Grooves” that slides up and down simultaneously.

Whether fans came alone or with their group of friends, it became the best spot for everyone to get the perfect picture (gif or boomerang!) for memories and for the grams. 

Pose Off! A fan at U Mobile Zone clearly excited to catch Snow Patrol in concert

Greatest Hits From Snow Patrol

The show featured only lead singer Gary Lightbody, guitarist Nathan Connolly, and stand-in keyboardist Ryan McMullan on stage with the rest of the band absent due to various reasons. However, the intimate setting set the mood for the band’s iconic melancholy anthems of heartbreak and separation, as well as songs that sang of hope and love. 

It became apparent that Lightbody was struggling with his vocals, especially when it came to hitting the higher notes. The lead singer later apologised and explained that he had caught a throat and chest infection while on tour. Despite the circumstances, he decided to carry on with the show because he did not want to disappoint his Malaysian fans. 

However, Malaysian fans not only cheered on for Snow Patrol but also helped Lightbody throughout the gig by singing along with him. KL Live filled with everyone’s voice as the band performed their groundbreaking hits such as “Run” and “Chasing Cars”. As much as it was exciting to watch Snow Patrol perform live, it was touching to hear the fans of Malaysians belting out their voices together, singing verse by verse. 

Even their newest album “Wildness” was well received by the audience as fans sang along to “Empress”, “Don’t Give In”, and “Heal Me”. The best of it was when fans helped out Lightbody on the falsetto verses of the album’s hit, “What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get”. 

Gary Lightbody, lead vocalist of Snow Patrol sings from his heart to his Malaysian fans

Falling For Snow Patrol All Over Again 

Throughout Snow Patrol’s long-standing music career, they’ve racked up an impressive number of critical and commercial accolades such as having 1+ billion global track streams and being nominated for Grammy and Mercury Music Prize. Least to say, the band has made a prominent stand in the industry.

However, their music still remains true since the beginning. Their music sings of loneliness, heartbreak, love, and hope have mended many hearts and their tour in Malaysia is no exception. 

Perhaps one of the most notable highlights of the show was when Lightbody sang “What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get” in their encore. With just McMullan on the piano, Lightbody poured out his heart (and his voice) with this beautiful new song on friendship and loss. It is in this moment of deep, pure, and genuine connection where fans fell in love with Snow Patrol all over again.

Fans who could not get enough of Snow Patrol at KL Live calling for an encore

We Are Not Done Chasing Cars With Snow Patrol

The night flew by and fans couldn’t get enough as Snow Patrol waved goodbye. 

Although this was Snow Patrol’s first debut in Malaysia with just half a band and a less than fit lead singer, they gave an impressive show that’s going to stay in the hearts of Malaysian fans for a long time. 

“If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” I think everyone’s answer would be yes at this concert. 

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