Check Out The UNIQLO With Pokémon UT & monpoké UT Collections!

UNIQLO With Pokémon UT & monpoke Collections
Image Credit: UNIQLO Malaysia

UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, has launched the With Pokémon UT and monpoké UT lines today (May)! UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) offer an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world to allow the wearer to express their individuality. This is the first collaboration between UT and monpoké, Pokémon’s official baby brand. The With Pokémon UT items for adults and kids feature motifs of particularly popular characters, while the monpoké UT items for babies feature softly colored designs, allowing entire families to coordinate their looks.

With Pokémon UT

The collection presents Pokémon’s key philosophies – adventure, discovery, and friendship – which have made Pokémon a beloved presence among people of all ages the world over.


  • MEN’s T-shirts 5 designs RM59.90
  • WOMEN’s T-shirts 4 designs RM59.90
  • KIDS’ T-shirts 4 designs RM39.90
  • KIDS’ Steteco 3 designs RM29.90

Availability: UNIQLO stores nationwide and online store
Special site:

monpoké UT

monpoké is Pokémon’s official baby brand for a new generation of moms and dads. Behind the designs is the hope that babies can gain lots of first experiences and grow up healthy and happy.

Lineup: BABY’s T-shirts 4 designs RM39.90

Availability: UNIQLO stores nationwide and online store
Special site: