5 Delicious Types Of Healthy Nut Butter & Their Recommended Local Brands

5 Delicious Types Of Healthy Nut Butter & Their Recommended Local Brands

Other than fruit jams and butter, another tasty spread that goes well with bread, toast, oatmeal and many other types of food has to be nut butter. Here, we’re going to be focusing more on healthy nut butter. The kind that isn’t added with preservatives, additives, and such. So, from the good ol’ peanut butter to hazelnut butter, here are the 5 Delicious Types of Healthy Nut Butter & Their Recommended Local Brands.

1) Peanut Butter

Mention the word “nut butter” and the first thing that often comes to mind has to be the OG nut butter itself. And by OG nut butter, we certainly mean none other than peanut butter! An all-time favourite among many kids and adults, unless you are allergic to it, peanut butter tastes good even on its own as well as say, on a slice of plain white bread or French toast. Peanut butter is also packed with protein and other minerals like iron, potassium and magnesium.

Recommended local peanut butter brands:

  • Jobbie‘s range of healthy peanut butter is made from scratch using only 100% natural peanuts. They contain no added sugar, salt or oil. Just pure peanut butter goodness that tastes robust and creamy. Available in Creamy/Chunky Pure Peanut Butter varieties.
Healthy Nut Butter: Jobbie Pure Peanut Butter
Image Credit: jobbienutbutter.com
  • CaveNut prides itself on making the best preservative-free peanut butter possible using the finest ingredients. They even go as far as handpicking the best raw peanuts before dry-roasting and grinding them to creamy perfection. For healthier varieties, look out for their Smooth/Chunky Zero Peanut Butter, both of which contain no added sugar, salt and even oils. Customer reviews are generally positive for its overall creaminess and fresh-tasting peanut butter.
Healthy Nut Butter: CaveNut Zero Peanut Butter
Image Credit: cavemenkitchn.com

2) Almond Butter

Although not as massively popular as peanut butter, almond butter has its fair share of goodness. It has lots of protein and healthy fats. Not to forget it packs with enough vitamin E (good for protecting your cells from oxidative damage), fibre (it may help reduce the risk of heart disease) and magnesium (your bone will thank you for it).

Recommended local almond butter brands:

  • Amazin’ Graze Almond Nut Butter comes highly recommended for its smooth and of course, honest-to-goodness 100% pure almond butter. It has a robust and creamy almond flavour too, making it ideal for spreading on bread or toast.
Healthy Nut Butter: Amazin' Graze Almond Nut Butter
Image Credit: shopee.com.my
  • Carver’s commitment to crafting their range of nut butter made with strictly pure ingredients has garnered them a loyal following. And if that’s not enough, their products contain no added nasties such as additives and artificial flavourings. Fans of almond butter might want to try their no-sugar variety. It offers a rich taste of natural almond butter and has the perfect thickness for that spreadable goodness.
Healthy Nut Butter: Carver's Almond Butter (No Sugar)
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

3) Cashew Butter

Ever tried cashew butter? It’s sweeter compared to other nut butters, naturally. This makes cashew butter an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a sweet treat minus the guilt. Cashew butter may have a reduced protein value, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inferior nut butter spread. It still contains essential vitamins (vitamin K, to be exact) and minerals ranging from calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is also good to keep your cholesterol level in check.

Recommended local cashew butter brands:

  • Signature Market‘s Chunky Cashew Butter benefits from its no-sugar and salt added to the spread. They use 100% natural premium Vietnamese cashews, which many customers praised for the nut butter’s easy-to-spread smoothness and tasty finish. The chunky bits, in the meantime, add some savoury bites to it, making it perfect for bread and overnight oats.
Healthy Nut Butter: Signature Market Chunky Cashew Butter
Image Credit: @signaturemarket
  • Here’s another quality cashew butter from The Hive, where they use only 100% fresh and lightly-roasted cashew nuts. Their cashew butter is as pure as it gets minus all the salt, sugar, oil and even preservatives. Expect a smooth and creamy taste and smell good too.
Healthy Nut Butter: The Hive Cashew Butter
Image Credit: lazada.com.my

4) Pistachio Butter

Snacking on pistachios no matter shelled or unshelled comes with several health benefits. This includes reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as maintaining your blood sugar level. They keep you full for longer too, thanks to their high source of fibre and protein. Alternatively, you can enjoy the same nutty goodness in the form of pistachio butter.

Recommended local pistachio butter brand:

  • The Good Fat Company makes good-tasting pistachio butter here. No fancy ingredients, just pure pistachios and Himalayan pink salt with no added sugar (for the Cold-Ground Pistachio Butter) whatsoever. The only biggest downside? Well, the above-average price might be a turn-off for most average joes.
Healthy Nut Butter: The Good Fat Company Cold Ground Pistachio Butter
Image Credit: shopee.com.my

5) Hazelnut Butter

Oleic acid and vitamin E are part of what makes hazelnut butter among the healthier choices when it comes to nut butter. Oleic acid, of course, refers to a type of monounsaturated fat that may reduce stroke and heart disease. It also has plenty of antioxidant properties (good for minimising inflammation) and even may help to lower blood sugar levels.

Recommended local hazelnut butter brand:

  • If you love your hazelnut butter creamy but not too thick, you might want to consider Fresh Bulk‘s Hazelnut Butter. They use imported Turkey hazelnuts for their nut butter spread. And best of all, they do not add any additive, colouring, artificial flavourings or preservatives. It’s sugar- and trans-fat-free too!
Healthy Nut Butter: Fresh Bulk Hazelnut Butter
Image Credit: freshbulkonline.com

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