OneCup Fits All For Your Bubble Milk Tea Needs!

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How many of you drink bubble milk tea on a regular basis? We’re betting that 99.99% of you do! There’s no denying that the bubble milk tea is a booming industry, but with it comes a downside – plastic waste. Though single-use plastic is convenient and low-cost, it greatly harms the earth, and at the rate we’re consuming bubble milk tea, the world will literally be overrun with plastic if we don’t do anything about it. Thankfully, efforts are being made to reduce plastic waste, including OneCup!

About OneCup

As its name suggests, OneCup basically tells you that you only need one cup to drink your bubble milk tea. It is an eco-friendly brand that produces bubble milk tea cups that can be used repeatedly in support of a greener lifestyle. Basically, OneCup aims to reverse the habit of single-use plastic cups by making reusable cups affordable, user-friendly and stylish. A startup brand, OneCup’s idea was conceived in April 2019, and recently launched in November 2019. Their cups are plastic-free (made of lightweight borosilicate glass), designed for ease of baristas (with grooves that indicate 500ml & 700ml measurements) and stylish (comes in 3 different colours).

Image Credit: OneCup

Green Culture

Founder Sam Loh is 22 years old, and he’s a recent graduate from University of Queensland, Australia. During his time there, he was exposed to Australia’s green culture, and it inspired and motivated him. When he returned to Malaysia in 2019 and saw the rise of bubble milk tea and plastic waste, it spurred him to come up with the concept of reusable bubble milk tea cups. Together with his team Esther (content creation) and Yinn (social media management), they aim to reduce negative environmental impacts in Malaysia and the rest of the world as well.

Image Credit: OneCup

Saying No To Single-Use Plastic

By now, most of us know that single-use plastic is harmful and adds to pollution. OneCup is advocating for Mother Earth by aiming to tackle plastic waste, and plans to use their brand to create awareness, educate and provide a reasonable solution to this pressing problem. As takeaway contributes to plastic pollution, a reusable cup that is practical and stylish makes for a great solution. Each OneCup purchase comes with a bubble milk tea cup, a metal straw, a straw cleaner brush and a double-walled drawstring bag.

Image Credit: OneCup

Making A Difference

OneCup’s team may be young and small, and they believe that everyone can make a difference. They hope to make an impact not only in Malaysia, but also in countries with high consumption of bubble milk tea, including US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand Singapore and Indonesia. For now, their biggest challenge is to convince Malaysian store owners and consumers to be more environmentally-conscious. However, they’ve made great strides as they are collaborating with Tealive to provide OneCup to their consumers, which may be happening as early as January 2020. In the next 5 years, they hope to convince all bubble milk tea stores in Malaysia to provide alternatives to plastic cups, or to allow consumers to bring reusable cups/bottles.

Image Credit: OneCup

“Always know who you are and what you want and then set a goal to achieve it.” – Sam Loh

For more information, check out OneCup’s website, Facebook or Instagram!