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The urge and excitement of travelling has been spreading like wildfire and an indispensable companion or utmost priority for all travel bugs when gallivanting across the globe is to ensure connectivity to the internet and network when overseas. How many tourists are guilty of desperately attempting to connect with any available Wi-Fi at every opportunity? Jet-setters, fret not as this app is going to be the only travel buddy you will ever need – the opportunity to earn up to 100GB FREE DATA ROAMING when you are travelling!


It only takes three simple steps to start earning data for your next travel!

  1. Download the app: The app is free to download for both Android and iOS
  2. Register your account: Instantly earn 100 MB free data when you register!
  3. Start earning free data! Interactions through the app by using various promo codes will earn you free data which can be used repeatedly during multiple trips abroad.

Not to mention Flexiroam gives out free data codes on Facebook and Twitter so earning data has been a breeze. By sharing your referral code with 10 friends who download the app and registers, you already have earned yourself 1GB of free data roaming. Psst… How about earning an additional 100MB by using my referral code below?


To Access Unlocked Data

After you have built up a substantial amount of data (I have earned more than 2GB in less than 3 days, thanks to all the promo codes that were shared with me), all that is left is to get access to the data you have earned.

  1. Order the Starter Pack prior to traveling. The Starter Pack is free and Flexiroam delivers it to your doorstep for only USD$5 in 3-5 working days.
  2. Apply the X Microchip: Applied just once to your existing SIM and can be used repeatedly on multiple trips.
  3. Subscribe to the X Membership for just USD$9.99 to use your free data for up to 12 months.
  4. Switch to X and Roam Free. When you land, switch to the Flexiroam X Microchip to use data on Flexiroam X networks.

Total expenditure = USD$15 for a 12 month access (potentially up to 100GB of data)

Which translates to approximately RM5/month! In this data expensive era we live in, that is a massive bargain! Two days of data roaming plan provided by my current service provider already costs more than USD$15. Users can also pay for data pack if instant extra data is needed. Below is a simplified comparison table based on personal experience between Mobile Wi-Fi/Dongle, local SIM card, auto roaming and Flexiroam X:


Sounds Too Good To Be True? Not Quite.

Flexiroam Ltd is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange so the data fairy does exist! The TallyPress team have investigated and sought feedback from the public/users, here are some of the comments received:

“I could use Flexiroam data to access Facebook in China. That for me is a huge plus point.”

“Tourist SIM and data in Thailand is still cheaper, but that is Thailand. If I were to buy a local SIM in Europe, this is definitely cheaper.”

“You mean I don’t have to buy SIM card each time I go overseas? Imagine the amount of time saved on research and planning.”

There is no such thing as ‘free’ internet.”

“If I run out of mobile data in Malaysia, I still can use Flexiroam X locally to utilise unlocked data so it doesn’t go to waste if I’m not traveling often enough.”

I don’t know about you but I am convinced and have already included this as part of my next travel plans! After all, the most I may be forking out is USD$15 but I could potentially be getting up to 100GB of data roaming. We also found out that Cheryl Yeoh, former CEO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) appears to be a believer of Flexiroam X as well.

Image credit: Meme generator
Image credit: Meme generator

Special for TallyPress Readers!

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, as a token of gratitude for being a TallyPress reader, in collaboration with Flexiroam X, we are proud to offer TallyPress readers free 300MB of data roaming*! Hurry as promo code is only effective for 14 days only!


*Promo code is only valid for newly registered Flexiroam accounts

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