Top 10 Batik Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Batik Shops in Singapore
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Gone are the days where wearing batik clothes are only commonly associated with people from an older generation. Clothing items such as buttoned shirts, crop tops and even kebayas are given a modern twist with the batik design. So, whether you are wearing them on a daily basis or for special ocassions, check out these Top 10 Batik Shops in Singapore!

1) AkaMotif


Located at Tanglin Mall, AkaMotif offers handmade batik pieces for both adults and kids. They incorporate different kinds of motifs in their wearable pieces, namely the Japanese-inspired seigaiha and sashiko regardless of shirts, dresses or shawls. You can even find accessories at AkaMotif as well, with the likes of hats, paper fans and handmade porcelain dolls.

IG: @akamotif

2) Vespertine


The old-school batik design gets a contemporary French twist at Vespertine, where French-Chinese founder Emmanuelle Chiau eschews traditional cuts in favour of more skin-baring women’s dresses. This includes the likes of off-shoulder dresses, knot twist tops, babydoll rompers and jumpsuits. You can also engage their service to have your batik dress customised by sending them an email at | FB: vespertinesg | IG: @vespertine_sg

3) Baju by Oniatta

Baju by Oniatta

Expect quality batik pieces when you shop at Baju by Oniatta, which can be found exclusively at Galeri Tokokita. Founder Oniatta Effendi offers various pieces for both adults and children such as buttoned shirts, torso wraps and pants. The latter is Oniatta’s signature item, nicknamed the one-of-a-kind Utama pants, which combine two different cuttings and batik designs in one. Her range of pants is versatile enough to be paired with a kebaya top or even your favourite shirt.

FB: BajubyOniatta | IG: @bajubyoniatta

4) Galeri Tokokita

Galeri Tokokita

Situated at Joo Chiat Road, Galeri Tokokita houses the homegrown brand of Baju by Oniatta. The brand particularly specialises in various batik wears that incorporate timeless design with a modern touch. You can find plenty of colours available here, with all of the wearable fabrics traditionally made using either hand-stamped or hand-drawn methods. | FB: galeriTOKOKITA | IG: @galeritokokita

5) Think Batik

Think Batik

Established in 2017, Think Batik prides itself in revitalising the age-old batik design into wearable pieces that can be worn on a daily basis. Expect plenty of contemporary styles such as floral-inspired wrap skirts, Nyonya kebaya tops and classy shirts with the latter come in the likes of navy and burgundy colours. To purchase their items, do keep an eye on their social media pages for pop-up stores or simply send them a DM.

FB: think.batik | IG: @think.batik

6) Batique


At Batique, you will find a diverse range of batik clothing regardless of daily or even seasonal wear such as Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. Available for men and kids, look out for the likes of short-sleeve cotton shirts in traditional or Mandarin collar-styles. For the ladies, they have the elegant kebaya set that comes in matching shades of colours as well as various tunic dresses and sarong wraps. Batique also sells unique gift items such as batik handkerchiefs, Calico tote bags and mini aluminium mugs. | FB: batiquesg | IG: @batique_sg

7) Gypsied


Gypsied’s unique selling point lies in its conscious fashion approach. They work closely with the likes of textile artisans and cooperatives from the South East Asian archipelago while honouring the heritage and tradition of their respective craftsmanship. Look out for their four different collections including the Maharaja, Jendela, Saujana and Nusantara — all of which are unique bag collections. For apparel, you will find batik shirts and open jackets either made from hand block or hand screen printing with the use of contemporary patterns and bold colours. | FB: Studio.Gypsied | IG: @studio.gypsied

8) MakerlySG


Makerly SG’s batik pieces are made with longevity and size-inclusiveness in mind, with the latter tailored for different shapes and sizes of different bodies. All of their batik wear is meticulously handmade in limited quantities, making their pieces all the more exclusive. Some of their bestselling clothing items include the Ribbon Tie-Back/Sleeve Top, the Navy Batik Detail Shirt with a front pocket and Anika Ruffle Spaghetti Top in Gemi Red. Do remember to sign up for their newsletters to get updates on pop-ups, product launches and even exclusive offers. | FB: makerlysg | IG: @makerlysg

9) Heartakarun


The first thing worth noting about Heartakarun is how it playfully rhymes with “harta karun”, the familiar Malay word which literally means “treasure trove”. Largely inspired by various arts and culture from all over the world, you can find an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary collections here. | FB: heartakarun | IG: @heartakarun

10) Ong Shunmugam

Ong Shunmugam

Kuala Lumpur-born Priscilla Shunmugam has been managing her womenswear label Ong Shunmugam since 2009, offering various batik designs inspired by different cultures and traditions. She also valued the importance of a sustainable business approach ranging from domestic manufacturing to digital printing, where the latter helps to reduce unnecessary fabric and water waste. You can check out her batik collections on the website below or make an appointment to visit Atelier Ong Shunmugam at 43 Jalan Merah Saga 01-76. | FB: OngShunmugam | IG: @ongshunmugam

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