10 Creative Items For CNY You Need To Bring On The Huat!

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, there’s no doubt you’re stocking up on all the CNY goods. What have you gotten so far? Essential snacks like pineapple tarts and kuih kapit, Mandarin oranges, some drinks, some decor? It’s all rather standard, isn’t it? Well, to make your CNY a little different and create more huat vibes, here are 10 creative items for CNY you didn’t even think you needed!

1) Fortune Cat Carpet

Now who wouldn’t like being greeted by a pair of fortune cats right at the door? If the paw-waving fortune cats are a little too generic for you, why not get this fortune cat carpet? Not only does it symbolise wealth, but it’s also functional and decorative, which is a total win for CNY!

Image Credit: lazada.com

2) “Fu” Tall Floor Lamp

Illuminate your living space with the light of “fu” (blessing, good fortune) and attract all the good stuff! As a floor lamp, it wouldn’t take up too much space, so you can easily stand it up in your preferred corner. Plus, it’s red and bright, symbolising the brightness of a new year!

Image Credit: shopee.com

3) Lion Dance Tissue Box Cover

Coo over these super adorable lion dance tissue box covers! Exactly like a mini lion dance costume, you would be so happy looking at it as you pluck tissues from the box. A plain old tissue box with no adornment just wouldn’t do for Chinese New Year, no indeed!

Image Credit: alibaba.com

4) Lady Dior Phoenix Calfskin Chain Pouch

Ladies, glance at this super auspicious Lady Dior and tell me you don’t want it. Floral motifs announce the arrival of spring, while the phoenix is a revered symbol as a mythical creature. It’s the perfect bag to store all the good fortune for the year ahead! Why settle for a plain red bag when you can have this?

Image Credit: dior.com

5) Hexagonal Ceramic Snack Plate

Decked out in classy red and white with several symbols of good luck and fortune, snacking from this plate will feel like you’re snacking on good fortune itself! Functional and aesthetically pleasing, this snack plate is a must-have addition to your CNY goods!

Image Credit: alibaba.com

6) Year Of The Rat Insulated Water Bottle

Kids will love drinking from this cute bottle! Perfect for keeping drinks cool or warm as it is insulated, this is just like bringing a bottle of your very own good luck around! Who knows, your kid may even come out first in races/contests! (Because the rat was the champion of the Heavenly Gates Race.)

Image Credit: alibaba.com

7) Gold Coffee Spoons

They say coffee spoons, but you can use them for whatever you like. Small in size they may be, but their ornaments like lion dance costume, fortune cat and drum create festive vibes you simply can’t pass on them! Plus, they make great gifts too!

Image Credit: alibaba.com

8) Mahjong Design Nail Art

All the mahjong players might want to take note! Use these mahjong design nail art and you may just win your games this year! Each “nail” is just like a mahjong tile, and they are perfect for every CNY when you break out your mahjong set!

Image Credit: alibaba.com

9) Temporary CNY Tattoo

Nothing says CNY more than literally having CNY symbols adorned on your body… temporarily, of course. These tattoos are super cute and perfect for kids who want to go all out embodying the spirit of CNY!

Image Credit: alibaba.com

10) Red Fan Tassel Earrings

Are you a fan of good luck and fortune? Then you must get your hands on these red fan tassel earrings! Blow all the heng, ong and huat your way and not even break a sweat while doing it because you got them fans to keep you cool!

Image Credit: alibaba.com