Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore
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Let’s face it, there are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants mushrooming all over Singapore. Not sure which one to go to? Luckily, we have that covered for you as we reveal our Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore.

1) Fat Saigon Boy

Fat Saigon Boy

Despite the name, Fat Saigon Boy is more of a fusion Vietnamese restaurant with a contemporary Aussie twist. This is evident with some of the dishes on the menu. Among them is “Viet Nachos”, basically a Vietnamese version of nachos. This particular tapas-style street food substitutes the usual tortilla chips with Vietnamese rice crackers, topped alongside spicy pulled pork with sriracha as well as sour cream and tomato salsa. Other highlights include “The Signature Pork” with charred pork strips and the citrusy of Japanese yuzu nuoc cham and “Soft Shell Crab Sliders” with spicy, yet saucy tempura crab sandwiched on fried mantou. The prices are reasonable too and do look out for their value-for-money set lunch/dinner special.

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2) Pho Stop

Pho Stop

The name of this place at Downtown Gallery says it all. Pho is their speciality, with highlights like “Hanoi Chicken” and “Beef Ball” soup noodles. Expect fresh, silky rice noodles served with a satisfying (!) amount of meaty toppings and other ingredients in a delicious broth. Tired of soup noodles? They also serve other recommended dishes like “Grilled Chicken Chop with Dry Noodle” and the meat-free “Vegetarian Pho”. All this complement well with their homemade beverage of either lemongrass or ice lemon tea. | FB: PhoStop | IG: @stop.inthenameof.pho

3) Moc Quan

Moc Quan

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine is what you will get upon dining at Moc Quan. After all, they mean business to the point that all of the ingredients are specially flown over from Vietnam… every week! They even go as far as imported the country’s traditional oven, ensuring you get to indulge the real deal of their signature banh mi. Some of their recommended dishes include “Goi Cuon” with four pieces of fresh Vietnamese spring rolls served alongside homemade black bean sauce, and “Pho Ga” with fresh rice noodles and shredded chicken breast in an aromatic chicken broth. | FB: MocQuanSG

4)  Pho-losophy


Pho-losophy takes no shortcut when comes to serving their range of Vietnamese dishes. Every ingredient is freshly prepared on a daily basis. Pho is what they’re good at. If you like your pho beefy, this is where you should be. Rare Australian Angus beef slices are primarily used as their main ingredient. Then, there’s the broth — all meticulously boiled using beef bone over 20 hours to ensure you will get a full-bodied flavour upon every slurp. | FB: | IG: @pho_losophy

5) The Orange Lantern

The Orange Lantern

The Orange Lantern brings an extra advantage for serving Vietnamese cuisine with Halal-certified ingredients. Their speciality includes the award-winning “Special Beef Noodle Soup” with flat noodles and assorted beef in an aromatic beef soup. For Muslim customers who love all things spicy, don’t miss their “Special Chili Beef Noodle Soup”. If you have room for more, do try some of their recommended menu like “Vietnamese Spring Rolls”, “Mango Salad” and “Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Chicken/Prawn”. | FB: OrangeLantern.SG | IG: @theorangelantern

6) Cô Hai Bánh Mì

Cô Hai Bánh Mì

Love Vietnamese baguettes? Co Hai Banh Mi is your answer. They got varieties of them. You name it… beef, chicken, pork and duck, all served in freshly-baked baguettes. They also specialise in serving Com Tam, which is actually a Vietnamese dish served with broken rice. You can locate them at 359 Beach Road, or have your favourite Vietnamese meal in front of your doorsteps using one of their delivery services by clicking their website below. | FB: CoHaiBanhMi | IG: @cohaisg

7) Madam Saigon Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Madam Saigon Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

From the rustic and laidback interior to the overall food preparations, everything about Madam Saigon prides on authenticity. Even Chef Hung, who has been managing the kitchen since the restaurant’s opening, is a Vietnamese himself from Ho Chi Minh City. The menu here is extensive, ranging from their signature beef pho to Vietnamese sweet & sour hot pot. Expect a heavy crowd during lunch hour, given its location in the CBD. | FB: madamsaigonsg | IG: @madam_saigon_sg

8) Lang Nuong Vietnam

Lang Nuong Vietnam

Lang Nuong Vietnam distinguishes itself as the first restaurant in Singapore that served traditional Vietnamese BBQ. Their BBQ meat is traditionally grilled over charcoal fire, while the dipping sauces are imported all the way from Vietnam. If meat is not your choice, they serve seafood varieties as well with the likes of “Peacock Clam with Lemongrass” and “Stir-Fried Sea Snails with Coconut Milk”. | FB: langnuongvietnam | IG: @langnuongvietnam

9) Lucky Saigon Restaurant

Lucky Saigon Restaurant

Located at 17 North Canal Road, Lucky Saigon Restaurant specialises in traditional Vietnamese cuisine. They have delectable appetisers such as fried/fresh spring rolls and mango salad. You can also expect main meals like the shredded chicken baguette and chicken/sliced beef pho. Best of all, the restaurant adds neither GST nor service charge on the menu.

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10) Mrs Pho House

Mrs Pho House

Brought to you by the same folks from Beach Road’s Mrs Pho, Mrs Pho House is more of a Vietnamese seafood restaurant. Some of their signature dishes include the spicy “House Crab” and stir-fried “Mrs Pho Cockles” with garlic and pork lard. They even come up with quirky meals like “Love You Long Time La La”, which is basically steamed lala (conch) served with lemongrass.

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That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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