6 Frozen Yogurt Brands in Klang Valley That Aren’t Llaollao

Sure, the froyo (frozen yogurt) craze is no longer as hyped up as it used to be. But this creamy-tarty dessert is far from falling into extinction, as you can still locate them in shopping malls or standalone shops, notably Llaollao. But frozen yogurt isn’t just restricted to the aforementioned brand and if you are looking for more options, check out these 6 Frozen Yogurt Brands in Klang Valley That Aren’t Llaollao.

1) Yzen @ Various Locations

Yzen certainly means business when it comes to offering healthier choices of frozen yogurt. How healthy, you say? Well, instead of regular sugar, they substitute it with purple sweet potatoes. Apparently, this ingredient substitution makes their frozen yogurt taste naturally sweet and creamy minus the guilt (read: extra calories). Not to mention Yzen takes pride in living up to their name as a “premium guilt-free dessert” with added probiotics at 2.9 billion per gram. Even the sauces, namely Belgian Dark Chocolate and Butterscotch Cookies are made in-house using only quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives whatsoever. Prices are equally reasonable as well, starting at RM5.90 for a mini cup that comes with one sauce of your choice.

Address: Various Locations in Klang Valley | Opening Hours: Daily 1 pm to 11.59 pm (Tamarind Square) / Daily 1 pm to 12 pm (SS15 Subang Jaya) / Daily 10 am to 10 pm (Setapak Central) | Tel: 010-806 8399

Image Credit: @yzenfrozenyogurt

2) Yogu @ Various Locations

Hailing all the way from Busan, this South Korean-based Yogu currently has three outlets in Klang Valley including Paradigm Mall, The Mines Shopping Mall and Atria Shopping Gallery. You can pick three different sizes (Mini, Regular or Large) with over 20 assorted toppings as well as sauces to choose from.

Address: Various Locations in Klang Valley | Opening Hours: Daily 10 am to 10 pm | Tel: 019-829 7716

Image Credit: @yogumalaysia

3) Moo Cow @ Various Locations

Old but gold. Here’s a homegrown brand that has been a mainstay in the frozen yogurt business since 2010. Cute mascot aside, Moo Cow’s frozen yogurt is made from fresh cow’s milk with added Acidophilus Bifidus Thermophilus (ABT), a live probiotic culture that promotes digestive health and improves the immune system. Served in a cone or cup, you can have it plain or added with topping(s) of your choice. Alternatively, you can try their yogurt drink as well.

Address: Various Locations in Klang Valley

Image Credit: @sallyong98

4) Urban Artisan @ Jalan Petaling Street

Penang-based Urban Artisan needs no introduction, particularly given their colourful swirl of Instagram-friendly double-flavour servings in a cone or cup. Although this ice cream shop specialises primarily in soft-serve ice cream, they also include natural frozen yogurt as well. You can enjoy their original flavour on its own or opt for double flavours mixed with De Mango Mango, Quenchy Watermelon or Pure Lychee.

Address: 149, Jalan Petaling Street, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. | Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 12.30 pm to 8.30 pm | Tel: 017-577 0980

Image Credit: @___lifekellylee0806___

5) HoliPolli @ Avenue K

Conveniently located nearby KLCC LRT, this homegrown brand operates a kiosk specialising in 100% frozen yogurt and smoothies. For the former, they have both original and fruity flavours including Mango Tango and Mix Berry (a combination of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant). Available in two cup sizes in either small (RM8.90) or large (RM15.90), you can enjoy it plain or add on different toppings of your choice.

Address: Level UC, Lot SAC-UC-3, Avenue K Shopping Mall, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. | Opening Hours: Daily 10 am to 10 pm | Tel: 019-219 9968

Image Credit: @holipollifrozenyogurt

6) J. Co Donuts & Coffee @ Various Locations

Expect the unexpected. Besides, who would have thought the famous J. Co houses more than just delectable donuts and coffee selections? Here, they also happen to sell frozen yogurt as well under the nickname “J. COOL”. They source only imported quality milk from New Zealand for their yogurt base. Available in either Single (1 topping), Couple (2 toppings), Sharing (3 toppings) or To Go (4 toppings).

Address: Various Locations in Klang Valley | Tel: 018-768 4377

Image Credit: @JCoMalaysia