Where to Buy Unique Orchids in Singapore

Where to Buy Unique Orchids in Singapore
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Orchids are genuinely beautiful flowers. Singapore has its fair share of orchid enthusiasts and orchid breeders, some who are the proud owners of rare species from places as far away as Peru. If you’re interested in getting one, scroll down the list to check out where you can buy unique orchids in Singapore.

1) Toh Garden

For more than two decades, this orchid horticulturist, Toh Garden, has been present. They cultivate a range of different orchid species and also attend to floral arrangements and landscaping.Their experience and dedication speaks for itself. This store is worth a visit.

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2) Woon Leng Nursery

Besides offering various types of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Woon Leng Nursery horticulturist also offers workshops to schools and companies. During these workshops, you can take a tour of their eco nursery or learn how to create orchid hybrids. Their courses range from basic to advance. You also have the option to name an orchid hybrid after yourself. Since the names of orchid hybrids are controlled by the Horticultural Society of London, you get a chance to create and have a living orchid breed named after you here.

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3) Toh Orchid Farm

Situated in Sungei Tengah Agrotechnology Park, Toh Orchids is an orchid farm. Get to see their myriad varieties of orchids and visit their greenhouse to learn more about growing orchids. Get a chance to visit an actual orchid farm here.

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4) Orchid Hub

Founded in 2003, Orchid Hub focuses on growing orchids and exporting them to other Asian countries. Their beautiful orchids range from pale coral colours to striking amethyst purples. Their online store is user friendly and you can also get them delivered to your home or to a friend or office.

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5) Premium Orchids Singapore

Premium orchids delivers worldwide anywhere. They grow a wide range of orchids from the Phalaenopsis to the Dendrobium breed of orchids. The online site is worth a look for those who are looking for beautiful orchids as gifts. Their orchid arrangements are a feast for the eyes and instantly transport you into the remote rainforests of the Amazonian jungle. Visit them here in Singapore or in Malaysia where they have a branch as well.

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