10 Reasons Why Girls Look Up To Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone is the perfect example that if you work hard enough and never give up, you will eventually make it to the top. She started out her career in a huge film in which she had Shah Rukh Khan as her co-star. Sadly after that, her choice of films didn’t really make sense to neither her fans nor film critics. But after that bad phase, Deepika bounced back with such perfection that even her enemies woke up and took notice. This is why a lot of girls look up to Deepika Padukone because if there’s someone today in the film industry that should be idolised by girls everywhere, it’s Deepika!

1)   She’s Smart and Intelligent

Deepika Padukone is not one of those actresses, who look pretty but is dumb. She’s one of the smart ones. Unlike other actresses, she has never uttered something that made people wonder what she was smoking. It’s not a surprise considering her parents are both smart and respectable people.

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2)   She’s Honest and Doesn’t Care

Deepika has always been a breath of fresh air, in terms of being honest. While other actresses prefer to be diplomatic, Deepika bared her heart and soul out. Whether it was talking about her struggle or about that boyfriend, who cheated on her, Deepika was always honest and out there to her fans.

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3)   She Works Hard

Success did not come easy for Deepika. She’s an outsider working in an industry that favours star kids. She was up against all odds, but the one thing that she never did was to not work hard on any film she signed. In her own words, she said that there’s no difference in her working ethics then and now.

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4) She Suffered From Depression and Shared Her Experience

Deepika made news last year when she became the first top Indian actress to come out and say that she has suffered from depression. Her reason for coming was because she took the experience that she had and wanted to make a difference for others, who were suffering from depression as well. The ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’ was launched by Deepika to help those, who suffer from depression and their families to find a way out of it.

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5) She Never Gave Up

Deepika has that sports-spirit quality that athletes have, which she got from her dad. It’s a quality that sports athletes have, which means never to give out even if you lost a game. Even when her career was going nowhere and when her films were flopping at the box office, Deepika didn’t give up on trying. She stood that phase out and it eventually paid off.

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6) Friendliest Actresses in Bollywood

Deepika is one of the friendliest actresses in Bollywood. From journalists to film crews to fans, Deepika is friendly and down to earth to all. She’s so friendly with her co-stars as well, whether it’s an actor or an actress.

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7) She Loves Her Fans

Fans are very important for celebrities, whether they realise it or not. In Bollywood, very few celebrities take good care of their fans. Deepika is the complete opposite, as she has always been known to care for her fans. In fact, while picking up the award for best actress in 2014, Deepika brought along her biggest fan with her on stage to accept the award. Not many celebrities will want to share such important moment on stage with a complete stranger, but Deepika didn’t care. She also takes time out to reply to her fans on her official Twitter and Facebook page.

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8) She Loves And Respects Her Family

Family has always been important to Deepika. Despite the fact that she moved away from her hometown to live in another city, Deepika still hasn’t forgotten her roots. She has always said that she does not keep anything from her parents and that their feelings are important to her. While she was receiving awards for her performances, Deepika always made it a point to bring her family along to share that moment with her.

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9) Confidence Can Be Her First Name

One of the reasons why she’s known to be different from other actresses is the fact that she has always been confident. Whether it’s not hiding her relationships or holding her head high during her bad phase, Deepika never lost confident in herself. Now that she’s successful and at the top, she has the same type of confidence that she had when she was down and everyone thought she was over.

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10) Change Like A Chameleon

It’s not easy to be Deepika Padukone and yet, Deepika presents herself really well. She has the ability to be cute and homely in some films. In other films, she is able to carry off a sexy look without appearing vulgar. At the age of 30 and after more than 23 films, Deepika is one actress, who has never ceased to amaze film critics and her fans.  Now more than ever since she’s making her debut in Hollywood in ‘xXx: The Return of Xander Cage’ alongside Vin Diesel.

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