8 Family-Friendly Activities in KL & Selangor Perfect for You and Your Kids

Image Credits: Camp5 Indoor Climbing 1Utama | Genting Skyworlds Facebook Page

We’re sure you’ve marked your calendar. We’re getting long weekends, plus the school holidays are just around the corner. If you haven’t been paying attention and are now scrambling to think about what to do, we’ve got you. KL & Selangor people, if you don’t want to travel far, you don’t have to. There are plenty of activities you and your kids can take part in together, and spend some well-deserved quality time. For your reference and idea generation, here are 10 family-friendly activities in KL & Selangor for you to check out!


I don’t know what comes to your mind when KLCC is mentioned, but mine’s always: wah traffic jam. Happily, there’s a LRT station at KLCC itself, so even that could be an activity to do with your kids if they haven’t tried it yet. Anyway, back to KLCC, take your pick with what you want to do, because you can choose from at least four activities (coincidentally, I’ve tried all of these four): Petrosains, a discovery centre of science and technology; Aquaria KLCC, an aquarium; KLCC park, a… park; and catching a performance by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. This could easily turn into a explore-KLCC-KL-staycation!

Image Credit: Aquaria KLCC Facebook Page
  • Petrosains: Children below 3: Free | Malaysian Citizens aged 3 – 12: RM7.50 | Malaysian Citizens aged 13 – 60: RM18.50 | Malaysian Senior Citizens aged 61 and above: RM9
  • Aquaria KLCC: Infants aged 2 and below: Free | Children aged 3 – 12 and senior citizens aged 60 and above with MyKad: RM45 | Adults aged 13 – 59 with MyKad: RM55
    *Note: There is a slight price difference between weekdays and weekends. Prices stated are the weekend prices.
  • KLCC Park: FREE – enjoy!
  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra: Tickets for The Hungarian Dances by Brahms (4th June, Saturday, 8:30pm) start at RM94

2) Camp5

If your kids (or yourselves) are climbing the walls at home, why not go climb some walls for real? Camp5 is a climbing gym with multiple locations including 1 Utama, KL Eco City, and Utropolis. What’s more, they have a relatively new park named Jumpa, which shares its space with Beastpark, a new concept active park with challenges for the whole family. First-timers could opt for a guided climbing session, which would make a fun family activity. For more experienced climbers, they have other packages/options available.

Image Credit: Camp5 Indoor Climbing 1Utama Facebook Page

Getting started:

  • Try Climbing: RM55/person for one hour with a ratio of one guide to five climbers
  • Try Bouldering: Best for kids under the age of 13, RM35/person for one hour with a ratio of one guide to five climbers

3) Farm in the City

Farm in the City is much more than a farm, where it combines elements of wildlife, nature, and conservation. Reflecting the culture and lifestyle of our country, it is designed to resemble a typical Malaysian “kampung”. Here, interactions with animals and plant-life are encouraged, while they aim to educate visitors on various aspects of farm and animal life as well as wildlife conservation and preservation. There are plenty of animals to see here ranging from birds to reptiles as well as small domesticated animals which kids can pet, and there’s a vegetable farm and orchard as well. Kids would be delighted to take part in longkang fishing and feeding the giant tortoises!

Image Credit: Farm in the City Facebook Page
  • Children aged 11 and below with MyKad: RM32
  • Adults aged 12 and above with MyKad: RM39
  • Senior Citizens aged 60 and above with MyKad: RM32
  • Children below 90cm in height: Free

*Note: There seems to be an annual pass, but no information was displayed at time of writing.

4) Breakout

If you thought that escape rooms were mostly for adults, it’s time to reconsider. Breakout has 20 rooms for you to choose from, and each location offers different experiences. Currently, the locations in the KL & Selangor area include Avenue K and Nu Sentral. It’s best to check each room out on their website to confirm if the room is family-friendly and/or if it’s scary. Teams can be anywhere from two to eight people, and the game time is from 45 to 60 minutes. There are lots of puzzles and riddles to solve, so this is perfect is your kids are inquisitive, curious, and/or harbours dreams of becoming a detective or something. Online experiences are available as well!

Image Credit: Breakout Malaysia Facebook Page
  • Prices start from RM36/person, and there are also different promo prices.

5) Theme Parks

Theme parks are extremely great fun for people of all ages. I, for one, have been obsessed with watching Disneyland/Disney World content (hello Avengers Campus?) but I digress. The point is, you can go with almost anyone who wants to have fun, and the kids will have a field day with the rides and attractions. In the KL & Selangor area, we have a couple to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. There’s an indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Lagoon next to Sunway Pyramid, 99 Wonderland Park, Wet World Water Park Shah Alam… If you want something that’s further away, there’s always Genting Skyworlds, which is fairly new, plus you’ll get to enjoy cooler weather!

Image Credit: Genting Skyworlds Facebook Page
  • Berjaya Times Square: Infants below 3: Free | MyKid children aged 3 – 12: RM45 | MyKad adults aged 13 and above: RM55 | MyKad senior citizens aged 55 and above: RM20 | OKU with MyKad: RM20
  • Sunway Lagoon: Children aged 12 and below with MyKad: RM125 | Adults aged 13 and above with MyKad: RM150 | Senior citizens aged 60 and above with MyKad: RM125 (& get RM5 off when you purchase tickets online!)
  • 99 Wonderland Park: Ticket prices range from RM20 to RM55 for MyKad holders. Best to visit website directly as ticket prices are dependent on days and/or times
  • Wet World Water Park Shah Alam: Children 90 – 130 cm in height: RM29 | Adults 130 cm and above in height: RM33
  • Genting Skyworlds: Children 90 – 110 cm in height, senior citizens aged 60 and above, and guests with disabilities: RM128 | Standard ticket for those 110 cm and above in height: RM151

6) Windlab Indoor Skydiving

So you’ve always wanted to try skydiving, but the thought of jumping out of a plane, God knows how many feet up in the sky, terrifies you? Honestly, same. This is where indoor skydiving comes in with Windlab, where the skydiving experience is simulated indoors in a controlled environment. Best of all, kids as young as 3 years old are eligible to try this activity out, so this could easily turn into a cool family activity as you take turns to fly. Flight suits, protective gear, and goggles are provided, and the experience will be a guided one especially if you are a first-timer.

Image Credit: WINDLAB Facebook Page
  • Peak prices for one person (Can be flown any day of the week including Selangor and Malaysia public holidays): Two flights: RM99 | Four flights: RM169 | 10 flights: RM389
  • Off-peak prices for one person (Can only be flown Monday to Friday excluding Selangor and Malaysia public holidays): Two flights: RM89 | Four flights: RM159 | 10 flights: RM369

7) Boating

If you and/or your kids love the water, you could consider going boating. In Putrajaya, there are a couple of options you can choose from to be on the water. You can always opt for a cruise on the Putrajaya lake with Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, or tackle the great outdoors with canoeing, kayaking, or paddle-boating among other activities at the Lake Recreation Centre (otherwise better known as Pusat Rekreasi Air Putrajaya). You can also go fishing, rent bicycles, or simply have a walk and/or picnic there.

Image Credit: Pusat Rekreasi Air Putrajaya Facebook Page
  • Cruise Tasik Putrajaya: Sightseeing Day Cruise for kids with MyKad: RM20 | For adults with MyKad: RM30 | Perahu Sightseeing for kids with MyKad: RM12 | For adults with MyKad: RM20
  • LRC: Canoe: RM15/hour | Single kayak: RM10 | Double kayak: RM15 | 3-seater paddle boat (Two adults, one child) RM10 | 5-seater paddle boat (Two adults, three children) RM18

8) KidZania

This is where the kids try their hand at being an adult with more than 70 role-playing activities for children spanning various industries. Here, they’ll learn about jobs, money, and the real world, all in an 80,000 sq. ft scaled replica of a real city. It’s mostly designed for children aged 1 to 14, but people of all ages are welcome, even adults! Together with your child(ren), you can explore different types of careers ranging from a pilot, chef, designer, dentist… the list goes on at KidZania!

Image Credit: KidZania Kuala Lumpur Facebook Page
  • Babies aged 0 – 1: Free
  • Toddlers aged 2 – 3: RM38 – RM48
  • Children aged 4 – 17: RM78 – RM100
  • Adults aged 18 – 60: RM48 – RM61
  • Seniors aged 61 – 100+: Free
  • OKU Cardholders: Free

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