Æbout Ice Creams Creates A Different Class of Indulgence

Everything went smoothly until Nicole Sia announced to the world that she decided to set up an ice-cream parlour. The journey of assembling every piece of jigsaw puzzle into a concrete business plan was a great milestone for Nicole. She believes that her business is a labour of love and enjoys what she is currently doing.

Ice-creams that go perfect with anything

Æbout Ice Creams are rich and creamy, made with 40% of milk, and imported from New Zealand. Amongst the 22 flavours offered, Affogato, After Dinner Mint and Triple Chocolate are the most popular flavours. They cannot go wrong with anything – be it their homemade Belgian waffle, cakes or even drinks like Summer Treat (iced lemon tea with lemon sorbet)!aebout-ice-creams-1


Top Picks Ice Cream Flavours

  1. Affogato – Italian inspired, creamy vanilla with espresso coffee ripples.
  2. After Dinner Mint – The classic combination of mint and dark chocolate made more luxurious with dark choice chips and a swirl of chocolate sauce.
  3. Triple Chocolate – Rich and velvety chocolate flavored ice cream blended with real chocolate pieces and a swirl of decadent chocolate sauce.
  4. Blackcurrant and Blackberry – Blackberry ice cream swirled with blackcurrant coulis to provide a delicious berry ice cream.
  5. Black Doris Plum and Crème Fraîche – The robust sweetness of Central Otago plums combined superbly with the tart flavor of Kapiti Crème Fraîche.
  6. Spicy Apple Crumble – Spiced apple ice cream with crunchy cinnamon crumble pieces folded through.


The Æbout Ice Creams Journey

Starting her own business has always been Nicole’s dream. She gets to work independently and making sure that every detail works out according to her plan.  Although there may be times where she needs to work around the clock or face challenges, the plethora of satisfaction upon witnessing the results in her business is immeasurable!

Nicole believes what makes them stand out from the competition is their high product quality and excellent customer service. “Thanks to my dedicated team, I know this will not happen without my team! Their engagement, dedication and positive attitude took us through this rewarding journey.” Nicole told TallyPress.

aebout-ice-creams-4 aebout-ice-creams-indoor-2

Today, Æbout Ice Creams do not just sell ice-cream and waffles, they also provide catering for weddings, corporate events and other occasions. They believe by starting with their premium ice cream, they are set out to influence a trend in Malaysia with a different class of indulgence.

Keep motivating yourself. It’s always your choice to choose what needs to be done to strive for continuous improvement.

— Nicole Sia, Founder of Æbout Ice Creams

Click on the link below to find out more about Æbout Ice Creams:

Facebook: aebout.icecream

Instagram: @aebout.icecream

Location: No. 3, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.