Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang

Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang
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Penang is home to many signature local food such as char kuey teow, asam laksa and nasi kandar. But for those who prefer meatless meals, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants worth visiting as well. So, if you are looking for some recommendations, below is a list of Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Penang.

1) Pinxin Vegan Cuisine

Pinxin Vegan Cuisine

At Pinxin Vegan Cuisine, they cook their food using only healthy ingredients. And that means no added preservatives or additives. They even use pink Himalaya salt instead of the regular salt. They offer plenty of choices here, covering everything from local (e.g. Nasi Lemak Vegetable Curry) to Asian (e.g. Three Cup Tofu & Mushroom Rice) and Western (e.g. Charcoal Dark Hericium Burger) cuisines. For desserts, they have sweet varieties like Organic Brownie and Signature Banana Pecan Bread. | FB: pinxinvegan | IG: @pinxinvegan

2) Wholey Wonder Vegan Cafe and Yoga Studio (Penang)

Wholey Wonder Vegan Cafe and Yoga Studio (Penang)

Wholey Wonder isn’t just a yoga studio but it also has a cafe. Or more specifically, a vegan cafe specialising in healthy plant-based food. Choices are aplenty here, beginning with delicious appetisers such as Tempeh Katsu Sticks and assorted rice bowls like Abundant of Joy Bowl (mapo tofu) and I am Wholesome Bowl (Korean bibimbap). For bite-sized snacks, they have various kimbap with fillings like tempura and taco rice. Finally, those who love pizza can look forward to We Are Connected (tomato/pesto) or juicy Hawaiian-style La Vida filled with grilled pineapple and tempeh.

FB: wholeywonder | IG: @wholeywonder

3) Brown Poodle Cafe

Brown Poodle Cafe

Brown Poodle Cafe has been around since 2015, the name inspired by their pet poodle, who incidentally is a vegetarian itself. Their menu consists of various Asian and Western-inspired vegetarian food, including Vegetarian Mala Hot Pot, Japanese Soy Promfet Udon Soup and Spaghetti Bolognese. Burger lovers might want to try the cafe’s recommended dish called Brown Poodle Burger Platter — a combination of baked bagel sandwiched with a crunchy soy patty and add-ons like tomato and fresh vegetables.

FB: brownpoodlecafe | IG: @brownpoodlecafe

4) Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant

Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant

The word “variety” best describes Luk Yea Yan Vegetarian Restaurant, offering over 20 vegetarian dishes to choose from. Be it Chinese or Western cuisines, they have them all covered here, with the likes of laksa, nasi lemak and spaghetti. And not to forget, vegetarian economy rice with different dishes that you can pick here ranging from mock meat to assorted veggies.

FB: LukYeaYanVegetarianRestaurant

5) JanXden Greenlife 简单绿意

JanXden Greenlife 简单绿意

JanXden Greenlife serves both Asian and Western vegetarian dishes cooked in olive oil. Among their signature dishes include Turmeric Fried Caulice (cauliflower rice with baked melon seed, coriander & turmeric), Rou Gu Cha Rice and Spicy Kimchi Soup Charcoal Ramen. They also serve assorted vegetarian pasta dishes like Pumpkin Pasta and blended purple sweet potato-based Antioxidant Pasta.

FB: janxdengreenlife

6) Zen Xin Vegetarian 禪心素食料理

Zen Xin Vegetarian 禪心素食料理

Zen Xin’s main speciality lies in its Cantonese-style vegetarian dishes and they have varieties of them worth trying here. Some of the recommended dishes include Jade Spinach Tofu, Fried Vegetable with Yam Ring and Baked Nyonya Oats Fish. Their monkey head mushroom dishes are equally must-tries as well, namely Broccoli with Monkey Head Mushrooms and Sichuan Kung Pao Monkey Head Mushrooms. Others like assorted veggies, tofu, soups and mock meat & seafood are available as well.

FB: zenxinvege

7) 8 Morality Vegetarian Restaurant

8 Morality Vegetarian Restaurant

Formerly Old Street Taiwanese Delicacies, 8 Morality Vegetarian Restaurant is their new name under a new management. They serve mainly Chinese vegetarian dishes, homecooked style with no onion or garlic added. Besides that, they also have various mock meats like Sweet & Sour Soya Meat, Vegetarian Pork Belly and Curry Rendang. If you prefer rice and noodles, their menu covers Cranberry Fried Rice, Curry Pumpkin Fried Noodles and Herbal Soup Mee Sua, just to name a few.

FB: 8morality

8) Coya Vegetarian Cuisine

Coya Vegetarian Cuisine

Coya Vegetarian Cuisine has been in the business since 2012, where they initially operated as a small eatery before moving into a spacious cafe. They serve their vegetarian dishes using fresh and wholesome ingredients. So, what you get here is healthy yet delicious foods with none of the added MSG and artificial food colouring. Some of their popular choices include Xiang Chun Fried Rice and Vegetarian Pork Rice. They have vegetarian pasta dishes on their menu as well, namely Wild Mushroom Spaghetti and Bolognese Spaghetti. | FB: coyavegetariancuisine | IG: @coyavegetariancuisine

9) SUPE Vegan – Georgetown Branch

SUPE Vegan - Georgetown Branch

Fancy some Japanese vegan cuisine? Well, here’s one for you at SUPE Vegan! They have sushi varieties ranging from their bestselling Mango Sushi to Takuan Maki, Wakame Gunkan and Spices & G-ken Floss Inside-out Roll. For the former, they use only fresh mango coupled with other assorted ingredients such as Japanese short grain, homemade vegan mayo and Japanese premium seaweed. Other than sushi, they also serve Japanese fried rice, ramen, udon and spaghetti.

FB: supeveganpenang | IG: @supevegan

10) Zhu Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant 竺緣素食齋菜館

Zhu Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant 竺緣素食齋菜館

Nothing fancy, just a good old-fashioned homey restaurant serving assorted vegetarian dishes. Expect a diverse range of menus covering from Broccoli Stew Mushroom to Vege Curry Soya, Thai-style Beancurd and Yam Basket. If that’s not enough, they also serve steamboats, satay and even bento boxes.

FB: zhuyuanvegetarian

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