Try the Tufting Trend out at these 8 Tufting Workshops in KL & Selangor

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, chances are, you’d have heard of tufting at least once by now. It’s becoming increasingly popular, and when I first heard about it a few months ago, there weren’t many tufting places. Yet. Recently, it caught my attention again, and there are plenty of options if you’d like to try your hand at this artsy activity. TL;DR, tufting involves making rugs (mainly, though you could also tuft other things like mirror frames, tote bags etc.) with yarn and the help of a tufting gun. If this is something that’s up your alley, here are 8 Tufting Workshops in KL & Selangor you can check out!

1) Tuft Space

Founded just this year in 2022, Tuft Space is a childhood dream come true. Founder Jean has always wanted a craft studio filled with colourful textiles, and Tuft Space in Setia Alam is her baby. In fact, she came across tufting in an attempt to manage stress from work, and found that it worked miracles for her. With Tuft Space, she aims to share this activity with more people, experiencing a modern take on traditional rug making. You can book a workshop with them to make your own products, or even have them cater for your private events such as team-building, birthday parties, hen’s night and so on.

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2) Tufting Society X RU Coffee

This one’s for all the art x coffee lovers, because where else can you go create art while enjoying coffee at the same time? Tufting Society X RU Coffee’s new on the block in Cheras (show them some support!), so there isn’t a ton of information yet, but you can keep an eye on their Instagram page(s) so you’ll get the latest information. Booking a workshop slot is easy; just shoot them a DM on Instagram! Psst, they might even have an opening promo price, so don’t miss it!

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3) is primarily a nursery and garden centre in Putrajaya, dealing with plants and greenery, also just founded this year in 2022 (a good year for business ventures, it seems?). They’ve also picked up on the tufting trend, and are now offering tufting workshops for those who are interested. In other words, you can pick up some plants there, and also try your hand at tufting. Or crocheting. They have a couple different workshops you can participate in, so check out their Instagram page for more details.

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4) Kapetto KL

Kapetto KL’s been around a while, and they have ready-made products available for sale. But of course, they invite you to try your hand at rug tufting and coming up with your very own unique rug as well! Check out their Instagram page where they showcase their products as well as what goes down in a tufting workshop, and for the latest updates.

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5) Tutu Tufting Studio

Located in Setapak, Tutu Tufting Studio welcomes everyone to try their hand at tufting, even those who think that they’re absolutely useless with their hands. Besides rugs, some of the other products you can tuft include coasters, mirrors, photo frames, jute bags, tote bags, and seat cushions. Tutu Tufting Studio has also pointed out that a tufted item would make a cool, personal gift, so if you’re looking for gifting ideas, consider it sorted too!

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6) Tuftme

Tuftme has not one, not two, but three branches in the Klang Valley, including Puchong, Damansara Uptown, and Hartamas. More places to go try tufting! Providing detailed guidance on tufting, operations, and techniques, Tuftme is dedicated to ensure that you’ll have the confidence you need to create your very own bespoke piece. According to Tuftme, tufting is a therapeutic experience as well, so come try it out for yourself – just remember to book ahead!

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7) Rug Me Buddy

At Rug Me Buddy at Ara Damansara, you can choose to purchase customised, hand-made tufted rugs. In fact, according to their Instagram page, Rug Me Buddy is the first to bring tufting in to Malaysia, having set up in January 2021. Their tufting workshops are strictly private, so be sure to get in touch with them to book your slot. Tufting equipment i.e. a hand-tufting starter kit is also available for purchase.

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8) D’rug Tufting Studio

Tufting’s that addictive, according to D’rug Tufting Studio. Located in Bangsar, D’rug Tufting Studio is all about breaking down limitations, and curating fun, engaging tufting sessions with wide colour variety and quality materials. Head on over to their Instagram page, where the latest promotions are updated on their “Notice Board” highlight, so you won’t miss all the good deals on tufting!

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Not in KL/Selangor? You can also check out in Seremban, or in Johor!

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