Top 10 Malaysian Eye Candy

An informal noun for attractiveness, Eye Candy is defined as someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at. In collaboration with Malaysianeyecandy (MEC), here are 10 beautiful & lovely ladies, as voted by the public, who will make you fall in love once more.

1) @foongyee23

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A Taurus Baby, Foong Yee has a fun and loving personality. Voted to be at the Top, her elegant and graceful appearance has won the heart of many. But trust us, she can also look hot if she wants to. For this reason alone, we reckon you to check out her Instagram Account. Used to be a cheerleader and athlete during high school, Foong Yee also loves shopping, traveling, dessert, and cute animals. She also found passion in dressing up and selfie-ing, which is why you may want to consider visiting her blogspot at

2) @janissa_yee

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Separated only by mere few votes, Janissa is an apparent definition of the term Eye Candy. With her sweet look and big fascinating eyes, Janissa truly deserve to be at the top half of the tally. Janissa is from Kuantan and she speaks Hakka. A good sign of conserving cultural values. Janissa is available as freelancer, model or sponsorship. Do check out her Instagram for more info & daily dosage of sweetness.

3) @munmunlim

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A graduate from Bristol, UK, Mun Mun is currently running her own business which is wholesale in rice. We know right? That’s something quite distinct. On top of that, she is also an online seller for beauty products. Impressive! Surely Mun Mun is a good example of how beauty and brain can come in a package. She also loves dancing and workout during her free time. Definitely an Eye Candy worth following!

4) @baobaosim

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Here are some key words to describe Eva aka @baobaosim, Virgo, Designer and Perfectionist. Some other words used to describe her would be gorgeous, dazzling & fun. Graduated from TARUC, Eva is now a graphic designer who loves to cook and sing. She is a pet lover too! Follow Eva and rest assure this Eye Candy from Johor will add colours to your daily routine.

5) @crystal_swung

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It’s getting hot in here! Crystal Swung from KL is one sizzling Eye Candy who is capable of turning the heat on. Currently working as a freelance model, Crystal has some good portraits and postures photographed on her Instagram Account. On the other hand, if you guys would like to experience food, outings and lifestyle with a hot Eye Candy, please do visit her blog at

6) @flora_meiyun

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A beautiful Eye Candy from Melacca, Flora is a freelance model and also owner of an online boutique on Instagram. She likes reading and she is a fan of healthy exercises such as hiking, jogging and gym during her free time. What makes her more attractive is her drive & motivation towards achieving goals plus her financial knowledge. We are surely inspired! Are you? Follow Flora today!

7) @mimihaneyjaffry

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Mimi is not just an ordinary Eye Candy. Despite her pretty appearance, Mimihaneyjaffry is also a gamer. There you go guys, a chance to play game with a pretty Eye Candy, PSN: MimiHaney. Comes from Johor Bahru, Mimihaneyjaffry is also a cat lover. What say you?  We say she is ooolala.

8) @casterng

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Caster Ng is every man’s dream and here’s why. She is attractive, from top to toe. On top of that, she is also is photogenic. This is evident from some of the magazines she has appeared on. Check it out by following her!

9) @sky_juice22

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A student at KBU as well as a freelance model, this young and stunning Eye Candy comes from Pahang. Some great news for you, she plays computer games. Not to forget, she also plays basketball (since 10 years old). But wait, how does she maintain that fair and smooth complexion? Stop guessing and follow her today!

10. @el_dean

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We have not much info on El_dean however a picture speaks a thousand words. Moreover a picture of this gorgeous Eye Candy. El_dean is definitely the perfect way to conclude the Tally of Top 10 Malaysianeyecandy of 2014.

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