Have You Heard Of Oubao? Here’s Where You Can Get Some To Try

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Oubao is a type of European bread that is hard on the outside but soft on the inside. It has a crispy and crunchy skin while the inside usually contains some sort of filling – whether sweet or savoury. Another feature of the oubao is that sometimes the filling contains mochi too. Oubao is considered or usually made to be low-oil, low-sugar, low-fat and high in fibre. It’s delicious, economical, and healthy!

It has been lying pretty low on people’s radar but there are a few home bakeries in Klang Valley where you can find these baos. Here are 9 places where you can get your hands on them.

1. Mama’s Cookies

Based in Subang, this home baker is probably one of the more well-known places to find oubao. A scan through their social media pages will show her pretty and delicious oubaos that looks irresistible. In fact, they were so tempting that I had to give them a try. I got the Treat Box which contains six different flavours of oubaos – Niko Neko Matcha Red Bean, Oreo Cream Cheese, Black Sesame Mochi, Cameron Sweet Potato Mochi, Crabstick Ham & Cream Cheese, and Salted Egg Yam Chicken Floss. As you can see, there is a combination of sweet and savoury fillings. So far, I have tried the Crabstick Ham & Cream Cheese and Niko Neko Matcha Red Bean and I must say, the fillings were generous and flavourful. Eating two oubaos in one sitting was pretty filling too!

Image Credit: MAMA S Facebook

2. OuBao Bakery

If you are in Setapak, you are in luck – but of course, delivery is available within the KL and PJ area. OuBao Bakery is another home-based baker that makes the most gorgeous oubaos with the yummiest fillings. They are made with coconut oil, healthy sugar, and oat grain – this is one bao that you can devour without feeling any guilt. The oubaos here all contain mochi along with flavours such as pumpkin chicken floss, cranberry nut, and chocolate lava in their fillings. Just check their Instagram bio to find out when the next order date is to place your orders!

Image Credit: @oubao_bakery

3. Born to Bake

This Puchong-based home baker uses premium ingredients in making their offerings. With flavours such as matcha red bean mochi, pandan black sesame, yammy purple glutinous rice, potato curry chicken floss and classic chocolate, a box of these oubaos would make any bread-loving person’s day. Just remember to follow the instructions given on how to store them and how to reheat them before consuming.

Note: Born to Bake is temporarily closed at the time of writing.

Image Credit: @born2.bake

4. Impromptu Bake

Low sugar, low fat and premium ingredients only – that is the tagline in Impromptu Bake’s Instagram bio. Based in Bukit Jalil, take note that they only have available slots on the weekends, and you must order a minimum of 4 pieces. Don’t be surprised at this requirement as it takes a lot of time and effort to make these delicious oubaos. It seems that their menu changes every few weeks or so and right now, there are 4 types of fillings that you can choose from – black sesame yam, mocha mochi, vegetarian curry, and cranberry cheese.

Image Credit: @impromptu.bake

5. The Little Spacetry

Freshly made by homebaker Liau without the use of any additives or preservatives and most importanty, baked with love – The Little Spacetry also bakes healthy bagels other than yummy oubaos. It is clear that Liau cares about the health and calorie intake of their patrons as there is even an Instagram post on how much calories can be found in each oubao flavour. Rest easy when you bite into any of the five oubao fillings that are currently available on their menu. FYI, a minimum order of 6 pieces is needed.

Note: The Little Spacetry is temporarily closed at the time of writing.

Image Credit: @thelittlespacetry

6. Nuo_Nuo520

You are spoiled for choice when you look through the menu of oubao fillings at Nuo_Nuo520. One thing you would notice is that a lot of the fillings contain chicken floss, and the chicken floss are homemade by the baker herself! You may or may not know this but the process of making meat floss is very time-consuming and laborious. However, the baker does this because this is only way to guarantee the quality of the fillings that go into the oubaos. Plus, it also means no preservatives, additives or MSG are used!

Note: Nuo_Nuo520 is temporarily closed at the time of writing.

Image Credit: 糯糯の欧包 nuonuoのoubao Facebook

7. Nutri Bakes MY

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy treat that is also filling (can last up to 4 hours!), oubao is the way to go. It also makes a great breakfast option and you can choose between sweet or savoury depending on your tastebuds. At Nutribakes, you can enjoy fillings such as tuna cheese, yam salted egg chicken floss, sweet potato cream cheese, cranberry cream cheese and matcha red bean. They released a Malaysian favourite a while back – curry chicken potato which sounds scrumptious. But you will have to check for its availability as it was only released as a special menu. Just drop them a text through WhatsApp!

Image Credit: @nutribakesmy

8. Thr33 O’CLOCK

Baked fresh every day, take note that you will have to pre-order at least one day in advance if you want to enjoy these tasty treats. Made with whole wheat flour from Germany, the oubaos at Thr33 O’CLOCK are available in flavours such as cheese cranberry, taro pork floss and black sesame mochi. Customers are also welcomed to customise the fillings to their liking. Other than oubaos, they also sell other cakes and pastries like burnt cheesecake, tarts, and cream puffs.

Note: Thr33 O’CLOCK is temporarily closed at the time of writing.

Image Credit: @thr33_oclock

9. Keki Cake

Based in Subang, Keki Cake specialises in desserts and cakes that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also satisfying on the tastebuds. Among the many items on their menu, they also sell oubaos and the fillings that stood out to me most is the bamboo charcoal oubao that looks like the entire salted egg yolk is part of the filling. As someone who is sad that the 4-yolk mooncake is no longer on the market, I love anything that has the entire yolk inside. Another one would be the butterfly pea oubao, probably so named for the blue coloured bread and the colourful fillings on the inside. The filling is made of crabstick, ham, mozzarella, corn kernel and mayonnaise – which I can attest as being a delicious combination!

Image Credit: @_kekicake

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